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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by oakland, Sep 30, 2003.

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    Attn: Center Mangement, How do you enter packages into the system that are not recorded into a DIAD at the time of delivery? What are the proper delivery procedures for a delivery without a DIAD? I'm pretty sure we don't use paper anymore. Is this a part of the 340 methods that I am not aware of? Why would you make deliveries without a DIAD, are they in short supply? Who gets credit for the work being done and the car being on road? Does the Balance Score Card have a category for The Imaginary Driver? Someone please enlighten us. [​IMG]
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    They key enter them directly. No biggie, happens all the time. Its just easier to use a diad to show deliveries. But then again, if there is a diad, then there is a driver. If that driver is management, then that leaves a paper trail for action from the union. No paper trail, no action. Packages still make service.

    IS that what you wanted to hear?

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    The Sups use a DIAD in my center. Ive seen several occasions when sups run a route. When every available person is working and call-ins create an open route, whats the company supposed to do?
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    Hire seasonal temps like they aggreed to in the contract.

    ITs called leave your self an out. Management is good about preaching it, but in reality rarely practice it. I know that there are emergencies, but most are avoidable. Like in our center. Due to the hub closing and moving the ops to NC, VA, and other hubs in Tennessee, they have 5 feeder personel working two split shifts. Why not leave on as a standby for weeks that you are close.

    But they work them on the split shifts and they are close to 8 hours before we even hit the road, so they then can not be used for delivery.