How likely are they to allow me to switch shifts?

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    Back in October my wife had a stroke and she was paralyzed straight down the middle and was told she would never move again. She walking and functioning great. Went back to work, but still hasn't gotten movement in her left hand( arm has some movement but she keeps it in a sling. I work twi shift now and work full time during the day. I wanted to ask my day job if I could cut hours and move to the day shift at my building. My wife is home alone all evening and it's not really working out her only having one arm and she has been getting very depressed. Do you see the company working with me? I've seen people switch hours for lesser reasons. Thanks
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    I would hope that they would be more than willing to work with you.
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    Family First, I'm sure they will work with you, if they are up to speed on her medical situation. If not you need to ask her doctor for supporting documentation. Supporting that it's is best for the family that you be available for her care during those hours.
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    Does your building even have a day shift?
    We have very few people working inside during the day.
  5. They can when they need to hire someone for the shift you are looking for.
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    If your building is anything like my building that would be any minute now. Talk to your BA, you do have contractual rights when it comes to changing sorts.
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    Talk to HR about FMLH.
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    Yeah we have a preload,day,twi and night shift. I'm currently on fmla leave and am allowed to take it whenever I need it but I still have a mortgage to pay lol so i use it rarely (two days this year)She went back to work part time ( works on a computer- much slower but still gets the job done and her company is getting her that dragon speech software). I work full time 7-330 come home for an hour or so and relax before going to UPS.If she wants to cook I have to have everything set up for her to make it as easy as possible. Then I go to work till 11ish. As difficult as it was before its twice as hard now. And she feels lonely/depressed when she is home at night alone. I think getting home by 7 pm would be very beneficial
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    Will say tho... The health coverage that we have ..... Made putting up with this place for the past six years worth it
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