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    i sent a package on the 6th of Nov, it went out for del on the 10th but i got very concerned because it was showing that it was still out for delivery on the 11th and then when i checked back on the 12th it said it was out for delivery on the 12th, Because of the high value of the package($5200.00) i called UPS and had them run a trace on it, a few days went by and i received a call from ups saying that they were unable to locate my package, I was sent the claim form and i filled it out, i sent a copy of the reciept for cost of merch and the shipper reciept, that was all completed on the 25th of november, well it's now the 2nd of jan and still no Answer if they are going to pay the claim. I have been in touch with the claims Dept several times and all i get is a canned response that the claim has been submitted for payment, I did receive calls from UPS security wanting the description of the box i sent it in, he was at the company i sent it to trying to find it, but i told him that it looks like it never made it off the truck or even on the truck to begin with. He called 3 times the last time he called we got into a heated argument, he accused me of not faxing ANY paperwork to UPS, i said he was full of crap. that was on the evening of the 24th of dec, i called claims back on the 26th to speak to a supervisor, i told her what had happened she wasn't sure why he was calling me because it looked like the claim was sent to the insurance company for payment she said that claims had reccomended it be paid and that i should hear something soon, well still nothing so i am hoping you peeps can help me out, how long does it take ?:angry:
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    Did you purchase the additional insurance?
    Umm sometimes it takes awhile, sounds like theyre looking through the overgoods warehouses (packages missig labels and invoices, stuff that fell out of packaging with no apparent owner type stuff) to see if they could find it.
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    I can`t tell you how fast a check would come but with something that expensive they will do an extensive check to try and find that box. In my days of package car I would have to go to the managers office and be personally handed a box with that kind of value. Then out on route I usually would deliver it asap even if it was out of the way just to get it off my hands. And yes it would always be an adult signature.

    Sorry if it`s an inconvenience but they have to do due diligence because we have had scam artists in the past try to use us for a quick buck.
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    They will exhaust all normal options before they pay it.
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    yea i paid for the extra Insurance, i even had them help me pack it at the UPS Hub to make sure it would make it ok:anxious:
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    Ok good, like its been said earlier theyll exhuast all options before paying out.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Just curious, are you getting the full amount refunded? Normally, getting a refund like that would need an act of congress. I would be interested in anyone who worked in Claims and what is the biggest refund they ever had to reimburse and what was the item??
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    yes the amount submitted was for the $5200.00 although the invoice was more with the sales tax, but i really didn't think i would even have to worry about filing a claim so that is why i only insured it for $5200.00:sick:

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    It's sad because anything over $4999 is considered an extra high value package and is shipped so that it is easily viewed by all. Usually last ones in trailer, first ones out. Someone dropped the ball on this and they will exhaust any means to find out what the hell happened.

    (anything between $999 and $4999 is also considered high value, but is sorted and loaded just like a $10 item) At least in my center
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    well i am now dealing with crawford and company insurance, I was told that they will need to investigate the claim in order to pay on the claim,, Didn't UPS claims ALREADY do that?. sounds more like a stall tactic to me, I even sent them a copy of my CC statement showing that in fact i paid what i said was paid and that was the amount i was claiming. isn't the point of taking out Insurance so you wont have to deal with crap like this in the first place, it was a package that was lost and now they want to drag there feet on paying a claim
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    No the point of getting insurance is getting paid. Its a high value item and its been discussed before I believe that UPS insures it to an amount then an outside company insures it beyond that....Imagine having a car accident that left evidence thousands of miles apart, it has to be found what went wrong, unless its a cut and dry case the insurance wont pay for your car immediately theyll investigate. Same thing here
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    It's not the same thing, the package was scanned into our system(or it would not have shown "out for delivery"), then we promptly lost the package.
    LP, has already investigated this and couldn't find the package, how the hell can Crawford & whoever find it?
    There was a physical scan(package clearly in our system) and no delivery scan. We owe the man $5,200....just pay the damn claim, then find out what the hell happened. Let UPS and whoever they want connect the dots, later.
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    Most likely there will be a driver follow up b4 they fork out that kind of dough.
  14. drewed

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    Its probably not UPS holding up the claim at this point, the insurance company would be...

    We can investigate all we want but if we re not writing the check...
  15. trplnkl

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    Yadda yadda yadda.... it's been 2 months, plenty of time to do all the investigating needed. Blaming the insurance company is nothing less than passing the buck.
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    Originally Posted by drewed
    Its probably not UPS holding up the claim at this point, the insurance company would be...

    You would be correct on that, i spoke to the lady at Crawford and company and she is the one handling the claim now. She wanted a copy of my CC statement showing what i paid for the Merch, that was on Monday, so it should be the following Monday when i hear back from them. It seems like they only communicate every 5 days either at 11:00 AM CST or 2:00 PM CST,
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    so i received a call today from the Insurance company, the lady informed me that the claim was submitted to HER supervisor for approval, and that i should receive a check in about a week once the claim is approved, ( key word: ONCE) what i don't understand is WHY are there so many supervisors!! because the person before her was another supervisor who just passed the buck (seems like), is it really that difficult to cut a check on lost merch?
  18. drewed

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    For UPS its money out the door, I know it sucks on your side, but theyre trying to keep accountability on our side...
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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    ...what they should be doing is trying to retain a customer. This guy has jumped through every hoop that we have put in front of him and he is finally going to be reimbursed for our error. Yes, $5,200 is a lot of money and we should do all that we can to try and recover the pkg, but we need to take care of the customer firs, to include paying the claim in a timely manner.
  20. drewed

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    Im not saying its right but this is the logic behind it.....