How long before I can get fired

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by fordno16, Jul 25, 2012.

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    If I need to take weds off each week for about 4 months (which mgmt wont grant me), how long before I can get fired for calling in sick every weds? Have had no disciplinary problems in the past and have a good work ethic reputation among my p/t sups.

    Or, do I really even need to worry about it since mgmt will probably like the fact that they will have 1 less person on staff for a day (they love those numbers & production)?
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    Your going to have a pattern of calling out. Depending on the number of sick days you have left will determine when you will get your verbal warning. The week after that you will get a written warning, then a day off ( not Wednesday), then you will get a week off. Then they will show you the door.

    However they could just fire you at any point then it would be up to you to try to get your job back.

    Have you checked to see if you can use fmla.
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    FMLA for school???????
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    Never call in sick if you are not actually sick. Simply call in and tell them you can not make it in that day
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    Glad you impress your sups, even though you'd be ready to lie to them that your sick to get your ways. In the other thread you mentioned how they were flexible and in this one they aren't. No matter which way it is, you're gunna do what you want regardless of what they say. Sounds like a rebellious child that wants to make his own rules up as he goes through life.
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    .......or someone who is going to school and trying to make something out of himself (other than a box monkey).