how long can ups go back to dicipline someone


60 months and counting
is there a limit on how far ups can go back in time to give verbal warning, written warnings or a termination. Can ups go back 6 months or a year without being previously aware of an action and give a warning letter or fire you?


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Hi! I am Magoo57 and this is my first post.I am ap/t supe and I have had to write someone up on their "Pittsburgh" sheet. I have been told that the contract states that I have 10 businees days to write up any single infraction. BUT any offenses of the same nature within a year would mean progressive discipline. ( I also tell my people that I would purge any offense from the record after 90 days of acceptable behavior. I don't know if that is contract, but it seems only fair.


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Wow!! One post and already in hot water with the bosses!! You at least tied the record.

Don't know about that, but NOYB hit the nail on the head - just some "fatherly advice" from someone who knows all too well about being in "hot water" - :devil: .