How long does it take Fedex Ground to call you for an interview after you apply?

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  1. It's for a package handler position, i had the sort observation last Tuesday July 24, than I came in Thursday July 26 to apply(They told us we could apply on either Thursday or Friday) and they told me once the backround check comes back they'll call for an interview. It is now July 21, Is it normal for them to take this long? Should I call them and see whats taking this long? Or is it normal for backround checks to take this long? And I noticed the job is no longer listed on the Fedex site at my local hub... or it is when I click on it it says invalid or goes to a blank page.
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    I mentioned this on another thread of your's. Background checks take time, possibly a month or longer. Hang in there, as long as you pass your physical and drug screen, and background check doesn't turn up a criminal past, most likely you are in. Now if you call or go by station and ask a million questions acting super stressed you might mess things up. So relax, it just takes time.
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    Hopefully not as long as it takes them to pick up a package


    Tee hee!!...lmao!!
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    I hope someone calls you soon, I bet Fedex would love to get a hold of your time machine. :)