How long does it take to transfer??

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Hedley_Lamarr, Apr 22, 2009.

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    I recently put in for a transfer, full time package driver from one center in the district to another. Does anybody know how this works? How long it takes? I need to get the hell out of the center I'm in, I can't take our A-HOLE center manager any more...
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    Didn't know it was possible to transfer unless you are in the same local. Would be a shame that if you lost all seniority to transfer out of a center to get away from a center manager and year or so later the same center manager would be your new center manager. That would be some bad karma....
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    In Jersey I think it's all Local 177. I put in for a transfer to Bound Brook, Linden, or Dayton. I have no friggen seniority, I'm third from the bottom, and in my center they have been laying off the bottom 4 just about every other week since January. So I've had to go do unload, now I'm 44 years old I can't do two shifts of this sheet. Just doing one, I'm hurting from my head to toes. The thing that kills me is that our center is the only center in the district that isn't doing RLO's. This started the same time this friggen waste of a center manager came in. I talked to guys from Bound Brook, Dayton, and Linden, and none of them are laid off. I don't know what the hell else to do. I can't keep doing unload, I'm killing myself and am making S-H-I-T in the process. $350 a week aint gonna cut it...:angry:
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    Are you in the western region supplement? Did you sign the transfer list the put up every summer?

    Ittakes an act of god to pull off. A miracle. All the stars in the heaven must align properly.

    First of all transfers into a center happen on a 6-1 basis like outside hires. Every 6th new driver they have to let someone transfer in if there is someone who wants to. Then that position goes to the highest seniority person on the transfer list.

    I've never seen anyone successfuly transfer out of our center. I however have seen 2 individuals transfer into my center.

    Oh, nevermind. You are not in the western region supplement so it probably doesn't work like this for you.
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    User Name Only 230 Today?? lol

    This job isn't for everyone. I have also had some bad managers, but some good ones as well. The thing is, managers don't stay long in the center. Most of the time they are moved around every few years. Something else, not every part of the company is slow and some are actually really busy. I am a driver and have been laid off since February, and work the preload and reload to make my eight. Sometimes we need to do some soul searching and decide what is best for us. Good Luck,,,,,,
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    You probably haven't seen anyone transfer out because the list goes up in October and is consolidated in January.