How long is seasonal driver position? Pay?

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    Anyone know how long the Seasonal Driver position is? It's almost May and they're hiring. What can I expect for pay? Thanks!
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The seasonal driver position is 37% longer than in previous years with a 37% decrease in starting pay. Hope this helps.
  3. menotyou

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    Who adds drivers? I thought they just put more stops on you!!
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    Length will probably depend on the center. For me it was mid-may thru the end of august, and then mid-oct until dec 31. Pay is $16.10 and hour, plus at my center you will get some over time almost everyday. You are not guaranteed 8 hours like full time drivers, and your trip can be cut last minute, and you get sent home without work or pay for the day. I did it for 3 years, the first two just over the winter. It is a good opportunity to get a feel for driving, and see if it is something you want to do. I also give you a chance to show the driving center how you would do. Because I did well, they also made me a Saturday air driver, and I am now a full time driver. Full time drivers are hired by seniority, but their is something in the contract about "knowledge" also being a factor. Getting the knowledge and impressing management, can give you a leg up towards becoming full time. Just remember, never compromise safety, or break traffic laws, in order to make time and try to impress anyone - it is a good way to lose any opportunity to drive! Good luck!
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    I would like to see that paragraph
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    "Full time drivers are hired by seniority, but their is something in the contract about "knowledge" also being a factor"

    I've been a Seasonal & am also a Vacation Cover driver for 2 yrs. now. There are 3 bids for perm full time up and am worried cause other part timers some are air drivers and some are inside might win them due to seniority. I feel like I've earned my keep and Managers very happy with my performance and want me perminent, while the other never dared try to do Seasonal or Cover work. They've always past those bids up and have no clue what they are getting into. The 2 air drivers have never been jumped around onto different routes and have always had the same tight little Air routes their whole career. They throw a fit if route gets changed and somehow get away without their routes ever being altered. I LoL cause we all know bottom Senior will get tossed all over every route and split so I know they aern't ready for this.

    Could you point out were in the contract this is mentioned??????????????
    If there is then I would use it to get pushed in.

    One guy has same seniority date as me but his application day for UPS was a few days before mine so he will beat me by his application to ups. They would lay me off before him based on his app date. Other 2 got me by a year. I've gone throw alot doing seasonal summers and peak seasonal driven, even had my own driver helper last peak. LoL. IT really burns me up that they can outbid me without ever going threw these experiences.

    I feel personaly that you should have to work Seasonal/ Cover before you qualify for bid on a Perm. Full time driver position. My reasoning is simple. If you want to be fulltime driver then why not stick your neck out there and test the waters as a Seasonal/ Cover Driver to prove yourself and also to get the experience and learn about what your getting yourself into. I've done that and want Perm. Fulltime with a passion, so if their is some leverage in contract show me cause I don't see it in their.

    I'm probably gonna be stuck Seasonal and Cover vaca. stuck with low $16.10 hrly again ,"$6.75 less then my air rate" while these Green horns get Perm full time and a real pay progression.

    I gain hours work but lose$6.75 hrly and have a higher liability then air driver work, while these others get the golden ticket just burns me up.
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    Long enough to feel are pain and sympathize.
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    Whaaaaa? Maybe I'm in a over populated center but we have FT drivers out the whazoo and half go home during the week. Some of our voluntary FT bid drivers have had problems making enough days to qualify for vacation.
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    I'm confused you say your a seasonal cover driver and then talk like your a air driver. If your and Air driver you must be a FT or PT employee and thus should be able to bid to a FT driver position.

    However if your a seasonal employee you have no bid rights. If they want to get hired FT you need to let the HR person know that you would like to become a driver when there is a opportunity.
  10. Anonymous 10

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    I think he is a part-time air driver slash part-time vacation coverage driver.

    QKRSTKR Active Member

    I don't think there is any contract language about knowledge. It use to be before 22.3 jobs (which seem to fill the open full-time driver positions now) that you had to drive in the summer as a seasonal. So you had to give up your part-time vacations when you did this. If you didn't sign up to drive in the summer, come after labor day if the company was gonna keep seasonal drivers, which when I did this they almost always did, they would post the bid sheets for part-time employees. On the bid sheet it would say, "Must be pkg driver qualified". Which those of us who drove in the summer became, as long as we got our 30 days in 90. So we were the only ones eligible to bid. You pretty much knew as a part-timer if you wanted a driver job, you better sign up for vacation coverage. The only way to get qualified was summer coverage.

    QKRSTKR Active Member

    Oops. for the original question. It is 16.10 and where I am summer coverage is May 1st until Labor Day. During peak vacations.
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    LoL, I get confused myself as to what I am to UPS at times. I'm what ever they want me to be at the moment.

    I'm Part time Bid Air driver but I'm also a Single day Vaca. Cover Driver. Also to get more work I also work as Seasonal Summer and Peak Season Driver.

    *Seasonal Summer Driver works May1st threw Labor Day. May 1st is on a Sunday so Actually May 2nd.
    *Seasonal Peak is Day after Thanksgiving threw Dec. 31st. "they kept me extended past that threw 3rd week of Feb. though".
    *Single Day Vaca. Cover driver is similar to Seasonal Summer but only covers for Vacation periods.

    They all pay $16.10 hrly. except Cover Driver gets 1 raise after working 900 Straight time hours "overtime doesn't count", and in Cover drivers 2nd year. No other raise after in the current contract.

    What screws me is they work the seasonal thing in so even though I should be working as Vaca. Cover they class me as Seasonal so I don't get my 1 measly raise as Cover Driver. Pintching pennies and screwing me. They can work this system all threw 2013 when contract ends and I could possably never see that raise so long as they minipulate that Seasonal thing in.

    Seasonal has no raise whitch I understand, Why should they but it screws me as a cover driver.

    How can they work me as a Seasonal when their are Vacations is beyond me and I don't even know what I'm used at from one day to the next because they can tell me 1 thing but document it as another and how would I know. I do know that according to them is if I don't sign for Seasonal Summer then I supposedly wont get as many hours. I can only go with what I'm told. B.A. told me the same.
  14. Backlasher

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    H.R. told me of Bids for Perm fulltime and I signed up but 3 others signed with more seniority. 1 has same seniority date as me but his application day for UPS is a few weeks before mine so he beats me on that. so I know unless they fail Chicago or don't hit scratch in 30 days then I won't get these bids and will stay a low pay Cover/Seasonal. I hit Scratch many times and already have plenty experience that they do not. I kinda like the idea of having parttime work being home early so maybe by the time I can win I might not go for it. I hate being up at 4A.M. for the part time air crap in between seasons though. Kids are still in School during it and no good vacation weather for me is available so no real quality time gained there. I also hate not being home with kids during Summer or Holidays so why not work late during the crap weather as well and get a better hourly rate.

    Maybe I should quite and get in as Sasonal then try a shot at the 6-1 ratio hire process, LoL. My wife would kill me if I tryed and I don't like to gamble but no harm in dreaming. Watch, when I do have the Seniority to win a bid then they'll kick in the 6-1 and I lose again. Maybe I should get out of Seasonal and tell em good luck on your dispatch cause I'm just a part timer after all.
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  15. Backlasher

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    On the bid sheet it would say, "Must be pkg driver qualified".

    They had 5 bids up last November but thet didn't have this in the bid and I lost the bids. I worked Seaonal Summer and Single day Vaca Cover driver Summer before. Were they supposed to bid them out in the manner you say?? They also worked me as Peak Seanol Driver and past it threw mid Feb. and worked out ways for drivers to be on Vaca so I couldn't get in threw the 30 in 90 day period.

    They also have 3 more bids up know but also not in the manner of "Must be pkg driver qualified". I've searched threw contract but see no real loop whole that's to my advantage. They will keep working me and avoiding another perm full timer from what I see. They keep finding ways to use me under Vaca cover or Seasonal and I keep the low pay. I make $6.75 more hrly as air so other then gaining it in hours and overtime I'm starting to wonder why I'm doing this at all other then for experience. I'm starting to wonder why I don't just get out of it and remain an air driver and just enjoy my summers as a low seniority guy while I still have em sence I don't seem to be gaining anything other then hours.

    I respect Seniority and understand when I have a lot of time in it will be for my benifit as well so I try to keep positive about it but my patience is short at times and frustation builds, especially when I've pulled a fair share when they need me but with a pay cut.

    The ones that will outbid me would never take the chance on trying to do Coverwork or Seasonal and that's what frustraits me.

    The experience will make me a better driver when my time comes. It is was it is I guess.
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    So if they hire for the summer coverage that starts in May, 'C'mon Michigan recruiters, Call me dangit!' Sheesh! LOL!! I want a shot!
  17. menotyou

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    Boy, you've been hoping to be an employee for years, haven't you? Wow.
  18. McGee

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    LOL!! Yea but really starting to not like the current job so now back in the hunt for one...
  19. menotyou

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    That's cool.
  20. menotyou

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    One suggestion you will thank me for. If you can hired into local 705/710, jump on it!!!!!!!