How long should I expect?

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  1. brownieworker

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    Now I have been working in a hub in Ohio for the past 4 years... Its a big one. Im an unloader and want to drive. Everyone keeps saying it will be another 7 years before I see anything ... my body is about to go kaput. What the hell is going on here... doesnt anybody want to retire... I wouldn't ...with all the money they are making... :sad-very:
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Just curious, if you are falling apart after only 4 years how do you expect to go 26 more as a driver?
  3. barnyard

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    What he said......

  4. Monkey Butt

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  5. barnyard

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    The answer is always 11

  6. rocket man

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    Why are you asking this site/? WE ARE NOT IN YOUR HUB ASK SOME ONE THERE LIKE A MANAGER READ THE PAPER LOOK AROUND. You act like your in hub by yourself .IF your bodys falling apart unloading your not gonna get better driving.we have enough problems around the country then worrying about when your gonna make the BIG money everyone who is making the as you put it the big pay earned it. WE all waited our turn some made it quicker then others not because they were better . Its just the way the cards fell. do you sign the bid sheets/? THATS The way your gonna no. ask around .
  7. brownieworker

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    I dont know sorry I was just asking a question.. I am a girl and I bust my ass everyday... I am a hard worker and I was just wondering if it would pay off in the end to stick with UPS. and yes I do sign bid sheets.
  8. RockyRogue

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    UPS is one of the few companies where there really is no gender difference. Everybody gets enslaved and beaten up.

    If you have any grey matter in your head, take advantage of UPS's Earn and Learn Program. I did. I graduated college with no debt largely because of Father Brown. After graduation, get a job in your field and RUN from UPS. You won't regret leaving. I miss the people but not the supes or the brutal work. -Rocky
  9. brownieworker

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    Yes that would be nice if they had the Earn and Learn program at our hub :(
  10. MonavieLeaker

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    Ever take into consideration that someone on this site might work at her hub/center as well and could provide some helpful information?
  11. Cementups

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    brownie, don't worry, they will get ot you any minute now.
  12. 705red

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    Because some just never leave! Brownie maybe you can start a poll asking if you should go driving?lol
  13. sortaisle

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    Brownie, I think that it's worth sticking around. I've been here 12 years in February and I now have a wife and 2 kids who think the benefits are worth sticking around for.
  14. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I thought you were leaving?! This has got to be the longest farewell tour on record. Leave already!!
  15. But Benefits Are Great!

    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen

    Maybe we should start a poll.
  16. brownrodster

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    My thoughts exactly.
  17. brownieworker

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    Yea tell me about it I just had a root canal done .. I dont pay a dime... the lady at the desk said she hasnt seen as good as insurance as mine.. not bad for a part time gig. Sorry I asked the damn question I really dont mind doing what I do its just the carpel tunnel .. tennis elbow.. tendonitis in my rotator cuff that just makes me wonder
  18. finaddict

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    It was a simple question from a junior employee wondering if she should stick around. What's with the smartass replies? In a nutshell, women amount to maybe 5% of the full time labor. I was told it would be 3 years to FT when I started and it ended up just over 9 1/2yrs before going FT. It's my personal biased opinion that a young woman should not make a delivery or management career at UPS if she plans on marrying and/or having children. You will not see them or raise them. The daycare or other provider will. There are not many full time dads. I don't care to hear from others commenting on my male chauvinism, its my position. Now, there are 8 and the gate FT combo jobs that come around and if you can find something in the say, smalls sort, revenue recovery, air belt, first responder or the like, well then gain seniority and hit the FT inside jobs. They are available around the clock and work for many people. Keep in mind, in many hubs all FT employees get to bid on a FT inside job while at others, only PT can. You may have to drive until you have enough seniority to get an inside job. Talk to some of the FT folks and determine which FT paths you qualify for or would have to take. And don't try to impress anyone with your ability to outperform others. It has zero effect on you progression (other than mngmt), wages or retention. It's a tough decision and one you really need to have a couple of one on one discussions with some of the full-timers and evaluate where you want to be in 10 years or more. Good luck.
  19. cachsux

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    As far as the young lady posting I have seen both single and married moms be better parents than some of the guys I work with. The full time money helps.

    As far as Rocky, he`s had more final tours than the Rolling Stones while being nowhere near as entertaining.
  20. evilleace

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    Well 4 yrs should definitely be long enough to get out of the unload try to get on preload more concentration but not as much of a physical marathon.
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