How many DHL's in your area??


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Even since Deuch Poste bought DHL and painted all vehicles bright yellow they're a lot easier to spot. On my route the 2 drivers who were DHL Worldwide (delivers letters only) and Securicor Express (bought by DP before DHL) are still around but there is always 2 or 3 other DHL vans around, you never see them for any more than one drop and they only ever seem to deliver 1 or 2 pkgs not like its a bulk drop or oversize pkg other than that they are always parked up somewhere or flying along main roads. I know they dont have dedicated EAM type drivers here in the UK so i've always wondered whether it makes financial sense to have all these drivers miles out of their way for 1 delivery. I have noticed recently that the amount of DHL vans i see has dropped somewhat so maybe the all out assault of yellow didnt work out as well as expected.

The amount of my customers who complain to me that DHL is too confusing for them to use is quite amusing, must be about 10 different arms all under the same name but nobody knows anything about any of the other services. One customer of mine has 4 different DHL drivers in some days but he tried to send something via them a few months back and a 5th driver came and collected it after 2 others who were delivering said it wasnt to do with their company:confused:1

To me it seems they are concentrating more on Logistics now instead of the parcels


In my area the DHL driver works almost as hard as me.He starts early and loads his own truck and gets on area at least an hour before I do.
He says most days he does about 75 deliveries,and has about 35 regular pickups plus call ins.He often,like me, is to busy to talk and he
laughingly says DHL stands for "Didn`t Have Lunch"
He doesn`t seem to get the volume I do,but he says he does well even though he has to maintain his own truck,and the benefits are negligible


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Our DHL is near our building they have 5-6 vans(compared to our 40 trucks),
They are still silver with a yellow DHL sticker on it.
The drivers all drive to the local airport for the express pick up.
They rarely have a full truck that I ever see.
They pay ok, but I agree I cannot see how the company
stays in business at least around here.


The DHL guy on my route looks like a stoner, and has the attitude to match.


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the dhl guy in my neck of the woods is quitting because he isnt making enough money. He is training a new guy now who has a large brace on his foot and is limping around like a gimp. I asked him one day how many stops he does and he says 40 or so, driver 200 plus miles for 40 stops. I do 90 plus a day and am in the country. He is covering about 10 ups routes out there. Once again, customers out this way get a good laugh out of them. But nobody can deny that customers are trying them out. They are slashing prices on shipping. Some customers dont care about service, they just want rock bottom prices. Many others come back to ups. The fedex home delivery guy is almost as bad. I have had MULTIPLE customers call him "spaz" because he also drives 200 plus miles a day and is always running to get done in 12 hours. He covers multiple cities and crosses paths with many different ups drivers. Both companies have no density out here.


More stops than Santa
Thats the thing i keep saying to my sup, most people nowadays arent bothered whether they can have their pkg in a certain place 2 days before anyone else or have it in Australia in 12 hours they prefer to pay cheaper rates for regular pkgs.

Here in the UK a 5kg box sent domestic express next day costs just under £40 according to the UPS site whereas domestic carriers cost in the region of £15-£20 for the same, i've already been told we cant compete with that.


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when i was still a part timer, I decided to work for them for a day..they were airborne back then... We started at 6am i believe, loaded our on vans..nothing but letters..Their bulk stop were considered 10 or more Drive around delivering these, calling them in.Kinda like we had to do back in the day on paper....Communicating through a CB radio..
They wanted me to drive for 30days then were going to make me a Delivery sup...Needless to say one day for 8 bucks an hour was a joke. and those uniforms were more hideous than the browns.
Didnt show for the next day and never collected my pay.

on topic the yellow vans are everywhere here..with their blown speakers still blarring


Here in stockholm/sweden we have about 55 routs.
Dhl have a little diffrent layout they have, one car for express , one for standard parcels and one for pallets. So 3 dhl´s or more in every ups area.

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hi all
in ireland we constantly told by customers that DHL are much cheaper than UPS but that will NOT guarantee next day by 1030.
FEDEX is the same