How many vacations can be taken at a time?

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    I'm working in the Central Region, and I'm in a small center with 10 current employees on our morning preload sort. We have a couple of people who have been there a long time and between the two of them they get 10 weeks of vacation.

    That's 2.5 months of the summer gone before any of the other 8 people get to choose.

    I was looking in our Central Region Supplement under article 16 and it seems that for 1-8 employees only 1 person can be off each week but for 9-14 employees you can have 2 people off each week.

    Now here's where it gets interesting. Two of our employees just got hired to be permanent. One got hired at the end of May and one got hired in like September.

    So here's the question, do those guys count toward the total of 10 even though they haven't worked a full year yet, or do we have to wait until after they work a full year for them to count toward our total so we can start picking two vacations per week?

    Based and the current situation I've described, how many vacations each week should we be allowed to take?

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    You're playing it fast and loose with the word "interesting." It depends on your supplement. In mine...if you have 6 must take one week during the winter vacation period (October-April). So, 5 weeks taken during the summer? The rest of you are SOL...too bad. I worked here 5 years before I could get a week off in the summer. Both new guys don't count if they both haven't made book yet...I would assume....but ask your BA.
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    Wouldn't the new people need to have vacations available to them to make them qualified to be on the list or the 10?
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    I'm not sure I know the answer for that. What I do know is that when I was given the vacation sheet their names where on it at the bottom. Perhaps since they will get their year in before the end of the vacation year, management is giving them the sheet to pick now, at the end of the line, even though they technically won't be eligible until much later?

    Just my guess.

    CHALLY9TX Active Member

    If their names are on the sheet then they count.
  6. Jones

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    No, they just need to be FT and available to work.
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  8. Mugarolla

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    Yup. 2 off per week.
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    i have never heard of that but im assuming management would have to sort it out where they cant take too many weeks off at once.
    i have heard of a few guys in my hub taking almost 2 months off at a time every year. if they just go hired do they even have vacation time?
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    Call your business agent for clarification
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    I have brought it to the attention of the lady in the office who handles the vacation stuff and she made it sound like she had totally forgotten about that and just went with the one week because that's what they did last year, but she's going to look into it and get back to me soon. If she says it's just one week I will ask her to explain. If the explanation does not make sense I will talk to my Steward and BA if necessary. Thanks for the info though as it at least helps me to know that I'm not totally out in left field on this and wasting everyone's time.
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    It has nothing to do with how many people have vacation. All it has to do with is how many people are availible to work. You have 10 full time seniority employees. Therefore 2 people get vacation.
  13. Inthegame

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    The number of next years vacations per week are determined by how many employees are on the seniority list on November 15th of the prior year. Percentage charts are on pg 227 and 228 of the CRT.
  14. By The Book

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    These part time preloaders should be earning their vacation time, at so many days per month from their respective seniority dates. They will be eligible for some vacation time next year. They should be counted in the formula bringing the total to 2 per week.
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    Thank you all again for your comments and help on this. Can you clarify a separate but related issue for me? What does it take to get to your seniority date? How is it different from your hire date? I know I should know this, but I figured you could answer it faster than me looking it up in the book! :)
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    In the Central region you must complete thirty days of work in a ninety day period outside of Nov 1 through the second full week of the following January. If one works in September, and you also worked in the summer, all the days of the summer count toward 30 in 90. If you didn't work in Sept, the count begins again.
  17. Mugarolla

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    If you accomplish this, your seniority date reverts back to the first day worked.

    The only time your hire date comes into play is if 2 or more people start working on the same the day. Then, whoever was "hired" first, has seniority over the others.

    If you were all hired on the same day, I believe you flip a coin. This comes into play for bidding purposes. Always goes to the highest seniority bidder.
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    Only one at a time but three weeks can be taken in a row.
    More with approval depending on local.
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    We can take,as many as we want to. (Entitled to) As long as, those weeks are open.
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    In my area we pick vacations in March and April for vacation period starting May 1 to April 31. Picking vacation is done by seniority and if you have 6 weeks you can take them all in a row. You also could have a 7th week if you took the option of combining your sick days or some of your sick days and your personal days for an extra week. This 7 week would be picked after everyone picked there regular vacation. That being you could have 7 weeks off in a row if things worked out right but that most likely wouldn't happen.