How much do feeder drivers make per year?

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  1. brown67

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    I know what they make per hour, but what does an average feeder driver make in a year? As a package driver I made about $72,000 last year. We have a feeder bid up and want to know if it's worth bidding.
  2. RockyRogue

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    Yeah, yeah, I'm a part-timer but I've heard feeder drivers make north of a 100K a year. When I was a helper, one of my drivers and I did the math out and it came out to about 110K/year. -Rocky
  3. area43

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    Wow! feeders a 100k. They make just about as much as our pilots. I believe/I know their over paid at a 100k a year. Rocky are you sure about that?
  4. mattwtrs

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    From what I hear and see the mileage drivers probably make the most. I don't know about layover drivers? Can anyone verify my information?
  5. RockyRogue

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    Well...figure $25/hr at 40 hours a week and you get $1,000/week. I'm told Feeders work close to 60 hours a week, so you have to figure in overtime as well. Time and a half of $25/hr is $37/hr and you get $750. Take $1750 * 4 and you get $84K/yr. Personally, I think $25/hr is a little on the low side for Feeders. I could be wrong on that, though. I think $30/hr is more like it. As such, figure 30 * 40 and you get $1200. Again, overtime and you get about $2100 * 4= 8400/month. Take that times 12 and you get just over $100K/yr. I'm not a transportation expert but I'm no dummy. I read the business pages. $30/hr doesn't sound unreasonable from what I've heard. Maybe that 30/hr doesn't happen for 5+ years but still....

    And, Area, our pilots are among--if not the-- highest paid in their industry. I think they make closer to 150+. Please don't ream me if I'm wrong. My data is old and/or secondhand about the pilots. The airline business isn't one I follow very closely in terms of wages. Fares, yes. Labor, yes and no. I can get the information if someone wants it. PM me and I'll get what you want. -Rocky
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    The UPS Pilots make $500 a week for the first year.

    Or to put it another way, if you make more than $12.50 per hour/ 40 hours per week, you are making more than a first year pilot.

    But ... they are "living the dream"
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    Tractor trailer drivers will make this August 1st-----$28.33 per hour.. I assume that includes shifters...That is in my neck of the woods, don't know about your neck...
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    Great to hear from a pilot. I remember you were looking for a crash site,lol ( I might have used the wrong pilot lango) a while ago. Is everything a thumbs up. ( : A43(not bingo)
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    Rock, you gave me a headache with the number crunching lol, I enjoy your posts. Keep hanging tuff. ( : A43(bingo)
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    why does rocky have to sign every post with {Rocky} ?we all can see who posted it.
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    In case theres a computer glich. He has a plan B, unlike the rest of us. ( ; AREA 43 Im behind you Rock, dont take that crap from no one.
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    I like signing my posts. You're the first to have an objection. I don't intend to stop. -Rocky
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    I was going to give you some rep, Rock but it says I have none left. Its tuff livin on rep check to rep check. Reppys just dont go as far as they used too. There just never enough rep to go around. Do you take rain checks. lol
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    Regular feeder driver make aout 20 cents more per hour as a full scale package driver, there some endorsements that bump you up a few cents an hour.

    Do as u like Rock, don't stop!!!

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    A sense of humor in a UPS'er. I like it! I think you gave me some rep power a couple weeks ago. You have to spread the love around before you can give it to me again, my friend. -Rocky
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    There was a recent change to the Rep System. It used to be you had to give rep to five different people before you could give it to the same person again. This has been changed to seven people now. It also used to be you could give Rep to ten people a day. This is now limited to seven. These changes were made in the attempt to discourage abuse of the system. Personally, I try to spread what little power I have around. I try to encourage new Registered Users to feel welcome and post more.:rolleyes:
  17. Harry Manback

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    Living the dream indeed. They only work 12 days per month from what I've heard.
  18. 705red

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    I have been thinking about going into feeder for a while now and its not for the money. My knees are shot and i was just wondering how hard of a transition was it for wny of you feeder guys/gals? How hard is it to get used to the hours? And how long before you get the hang of drivig/ backing up the semis? Do you encourage other to go for it? Any of you out there that tryed it and didnt like it? Ifso why?
  19. diesel96

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    In the Southern Region we make about 10cents more an hour than pkg drivers pulling singles and about 40/50cents more an hour pulling doubles.Depending on the route you run there's opportunity to make no o/t and opportunity to make 50/59 hours.And believe me ,our o/t is a lot easier than pkgs.There are sleeper teams that do overnite long distance driving also,however none originate from my bldg.Not sure of their payrate.We have bid runs that work 4/10hr per week and of course 5/8hr runs.I recomend Feeders to any driver eligible espiecially with degenerating bodily funtions as a result of years in a pkg car.As long as family,sleeping habits,and don't mind working nights won't conflict with your livelyhood ,I say go for it.Do you want to work like a dog straight thru into your forties and fifties?
  20. Coldworld

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    For those in feeders, how was it to pull a triple set for the first time, I think thats the only thing holding me back is the length of that rig, especially driving on freeways with the crazies!