How much notice??

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    Quick question guys,

    I currently work preload for the last 6 months, dont love the job but dont hate it either. Took my test to become supervisor and passed which really was not hard at all. I have now been offered a job with a good growing company that is double my current pay and double my hours.

    My question is do you think I should leave UPS for this new position that has been offered to me or how long will it be until I get a full time position with UPS.

    Also how much notice do I need to give if I intend to leave??

    Any thoughts?
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    We have not hired a driver in 3 years, they are cutting so may routes that they don't need all these drivers. I think you would want to ask the guys you work with, they would give you a better answer. Each center and area different. Goodluck

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    And how much notice to leave? 2 weeks is pretty standard but UPS is not a standard company!!!:devil3:
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    2 weeks notice is the right thing to do. It sounds to me as though your mind is already made up. Good luck in the new job.