How much stimulus has been spent.

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    Very good find! I noticed every one of the listed entities that got monies were all various federal agencies of one stripe or another and from those amounts, the actual adminstrative costs of the agency will come out, if private contracted parties are used in agency actions, then their cut will come out and when it's all said and done, how much will come down to be actually used for the intended purpose at the street level?

    I think what they should do is take that $251 billion remaining since we've already gone down this road now, and use that money to say make all hours worked over 15 hours per week is tax free. Hourly, salary, whatever, all of it is tax free. I'm talking a massive tax cut for all levels of working people only. I'm even cool with 10 hours for PTimers and 20 hours for FTimers, either way works for me.

    This puts the money squarely at the street level to be used to pay down personal debt (a very good thing, it checks inflation) or yes some people will use it for investment or purchase of consumer or manufactured goods. All in all, if Obama did this I do believe his approval and economic rating would go up but I'm not holding my breathe mostly because I believe the Clinton machine is sabotaging his Presidency from the inside via Rahm Emmuanel. Just as Reagan got conned by his VP and his hooligan buddies, so to is Obama by his Sec. of State and her hooligan buddies.

    I still don't agree with Obama minus the 8itch and friends but I do think we get a more honest President and right or wrong, I can deal with that.