How often do appointments become available for a package handler?

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  1. I just applied to UPS as a package handler and I got this message.

    The location you have selected does not have any available appointment times for the work shift you indicated as your preference. This does not mean this location is not hiring and additional appointment times may become available soon. You have an option to keep your job inquiry for this location and wait for available appointment times to become available or consider changing to another location that does have immediate appointment times available.

    Should I keep checking every day for an appointment? They had 2 different shifts but I can't change them and I tried applying separately to the other shift and it wouldn't let me. And this is the only UPS location in my city. Will they call me at all or will I have to check every day? Thank you

    It also says the status is "pending" Will that change at all?
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    If you don't hear anything real soon, your best approach may be to go apply in person.
  3. barnyard

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    People that do not apply online are sent home and told to apply online and wait for a call.
  4. Alright
    Is there anyway to get a phone number for the local hub or local HR or am I stick just waiting for the website to update or a phone call?
    And can anyone clarify, do they call you, or will I just have to keep checking the website? I've been checking it twice a day and it still says pending.
    I've read through these forums and understand if I get an interview, I should grab a business card from the HR or something with their phone number on it, but is there anyway to get the number before I get an interview?

    I feel this would be a good job for me and I am able to work at a steady, consistent pace, I always keep a good attitude, and I'll always be on time/early and will be ready to go, no matter how hard and demanding the job is, and im very strong and would be able to (hopefully) handle the heavy workload and all the lifting and bending, etc. that you do.
    If I can just get an interview I feel I would be able to rock it, and I am very anxious and eager, and I am a young college student.
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    Sir or ma'am, read around this board, honestly weigh the pros and cons, and then see how eager you are.
  6. I have already read around this board and have read all the horror stories and what not.
    But that doesn't answer the question, is there any way I can get a number for the local HR or something or am I stuck waiting for either the website to change or for someone to call me?
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    Many facilities do not have any HR people.

    Check your status online once a week or so.

    Isn't there a Fed Ex ground in your area hiring????
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    I agree to check your status once a week. There might not be any openings in your area until mid-September. UPS starts accepting online applications for peak season at that time.
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    I saw the same desire, hunger, go-get'm attitude, nothing can phase me, looks in the eyes of my seasonal helpers last year, all 4 of them. The only reason the fifth one stayed was because it was 2 days till peak was over and UPS "promised" him a job. Haven't seen him since.