How to become a UPS driver!?

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    Hey fellas my names Colby Semo. One of my long lived dreams is to become a seasonal UPS driver. What does it take and what steps should I take to begin? So far I filled out my profile and sent a couple of messages. If you could message me back that'd be great. My other line of communication is my cell at ###
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    Welcome to Brown Cafe.

    The Terms of Service does not allow for the posting of personal info.

    Also, very few read this forum so I am copying to the most read forum - UPS Discussions forum.
  3. Bro, please read my thread, it has all the info you need.

    If you choose to pursue a career with UPS, it can(possibly) be very rewarding if you plan on staying in for the long(VERY LONG) run. The easiest way to get hired is as follows.

    -Get hired as driver Helper(this will also give you hand on experience on driver environment)
    -Be the BEST helper of the Hub ( I recommend drinking Jack3d for energy, Your driver(s) will love you)
    -Once being best driver helper, your driver will put in a good word in for you @ HR
    -You will be Hired for(hopefully) Preload.
    -Be the BEST PRELOADER of the Hub for 90 days( I recommend drinking Jack3d for energy)
    -Then you make Seniority and are able to Slack Off
    -Stay anywhere from 5 to 14+ plus years, & you'll get a chance to drive a UPS truck.

    Good luck

    ​Loyal Teamster
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    ^^^^ do not listen to the guy above , he is a :censored2: off customer who wanted his package first stop in the morning and never had the COD ready and then wanted us to wait while he drove to the store to get the money order
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    his COD was for 14.12 and asked his driver if he could break $100's a long sordid story lol.
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    Call Jenny in HR 1-800-867-5309.
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    :::dancing::: 867-5309!!!!!!!
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    Hi! You've reached Jenny from HR, how may I service you today, sir??
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    If I batted left handed.I would answer that question!!
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    Don't be picking on my girl!:surprised:
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    lol thanks Cosmo :::laughing:::