How to get a UPS Driver position in CA????

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    I am interested in getting a driver job in southern California. I understand this is a hard position to get...but what are the best steps to reach the position in the shortest time frame?

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    Apply and start in the hub like everyone else has to do...its rare that UPS hires off the street for drivers...might want to check with FedEx,they will have a driving position open at FedEx ground which you can walk right into.
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    No tricks for shortest period of time. You just have to start as young as possible part time and wait.

    You could move to my area our next driver is due off the street and they can't find anyone to fill the position.
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    THanks. That is what I thought....

    I am not young by any means, 29, and am not sure I could really handle working for such low pay for such a long period of time...

    BUT, how long do you guys think on average a person has to put in before driver jobs become available? 1,2,5,10 years?????
  5. Brownslave688

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    This is very center specific. I worked 22 months part time. I have a buddy in Michigan that they have 15 year part timers still waiting for a shot.
  6. I would say atleast 2 years and thats if your lucky in CA im sure its a pretty big center so the wait list is prob pretty long anywhere from 5-7 years. If its a small center maybe 1-3 years

    Just all depends on how many people are on the waiting list and how many retire/quit/fired.

    I know in my center once you get certified to start driving you start as a TEMP/Cover driver and it maybe over a year untill you go Fulltime
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    Anywhere from a few months to more than 10 years. It's possible that one building near you may have a significantly shorter wait than another; if you proceed with the application process, discuss this with HR -- they'll be able to point you in the right direction.

    Just for some perspective... in my building, the persons receiving the driving bids have about 12 years PT seniority. However, there's a massive number of drivers eligible for retirement (30 years) within the next five years -- thus it's probably that somebody being hired in today will only have to wait 5 years to get into driving. I don't know wait times in SoCal, but if I were to bet, I'd bet on longer side (10+years).

    Also consider that once hired, there's opportunities for driving as seasonal and coverage. These positions aren't popular among PTers (most of whom work two jobs), and thus we have guys hired within the past year filling these positions... they'll drive an equivalent of 8 months or more out of the year but at the ~$16/hour rate. There's also opportunities for PT air driving, including Saturdays, that quickly progress into the $20/hour range while you await FT.
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    Move to NYC ha. I've been loading for just 1.5 years and already am scheduled for my road test :)
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    At my hub, I waited over 4 years to be a TCD. Here cover drivers start off at 27.05 a hour. How much you drive depends on seniority. I make a little of 50,000 a year being a cover driver, but I also know a cover driver with only 18 months seniority who only drove for 25 days last year. So to me it's so worth being a TCD, but in other regions making 16 a hour maybe not so worth it.
    I recommend taking part time loading job there and finding another full time job until an opening opens up for driving. That's what I did for years. Good luck to you and BTW I was 33 when I started so 29 is no big deal.
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    People keep talking about the "exodus" out of CA., so maybe the wait might be shorter now.
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    the wait time is an absolute "crap shoot" / there is no definite answer
    just plan on working another job (full time) during the day for the duration
    you say "well, that sucks" and you would be absolutely right, but that is the only highway for a driving job
    see what i did there :proud:
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    i can't believe anyone would leave CA and forfeit the privilege of being co-citizens with nice people like moreluck & Bob
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    I can't see that either.....but hear it on the news all the time. Go figure!
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    Seriously, at age 29 I would look somewhere else.
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    If all you are looking for is good money for a blue collar job, look to the railroads. They are booming in Ca and have lots of retirements, which means lots of FT jobs.