how to get my paycheck?


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i was a seasonal helper and i need to get my paycheck. should i drive to the hub or will they mail it to me. do you think my paycheck will be waiting for me on friday like everyone else. i already got one paycheck but that was when i was with my driver working. im not working anymore though. thanks in advance


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Gee, with the title of the thread, I thought you were going to tell all of us how to get your paycheck......thought maybe it was a contest..:happy2:


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Go to the center to get your paycheck this Friday. You need to return the UPS uniform also. Don't forget to bring it with you!


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this is kinda interesting because besides the person starting it I've had several helpers asking me abt. where to turn in their uniforms, get their checks, etc. mostly I guess because I'm usually the one not yelling @ a gentleman was getting quite irate w/ one of the on cars.........I enjoyed watching that go down............can't wait till this all goes away next yr........:sick:


Funny, I handed my uniform in Christmas Eve to my driver, and no one told me how to get my check. I suppose I'll call tomorrow if it isn't in the mailbox, though they did mail my orientation pay to me.