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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by myboys, Feb 4, 2012.

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    My hubby has just hit his year as an unloader . He was not told anything about the union whatsoever . I think it would be wise for him to join for the job protection . However , the insurance is so good through UPS I wonder if there would be any changes to the insurance if he did join the union . If any of you know anything about this please tell. Thanks in advance
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    If he is not already in the Union then you are in a RTW state. Most P/T in RTW states don't join the Union since they don't really do anything for P/T except make sure seniority is followed when a Full-Time position comes up for bid.
    The insurance is the same whether in the Union or not.
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    insurance is covered for him and his dependants . In saying that , the insurance that he and his family is provided thru negotianions between the company (UPS) and the union . Now in saying that , do you really think the company would provide free gold standard insurance for free to an employee unless they were held to by the union and its 480,000 members nationwide . The media will tell you that union memebership is down nationwide , but what they dont tell you is the companys that have unions availble to join and be members are running at 90% union occupied . In strength we have numbers . If you are out to get something for nothing and want to be a scab ( someone who is not in the union ,but yet reaps the benefits that union members have fought for and paid for ) then have him not join . P.S. ,, it will catch up to the un union employee (scab) and once it catches up , it will be to late for any help . ijs..
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    I think my question had the indication of my concern that he did join the union. Contrary to your indication that we are scabs ! You must not have read my question at all , as there is no answer in your reply . Just attacking someone with your opinion because you can does not mean you know what you are talking about . I say this because if you did, you would know his dependents do not get benefits until 18 months . In my post I mentioned that he just hit his year. In saying this how dare you indicate that we would want something for nothing . My husband works his ass off for Ups Because it is a great (hard ) part time job with awesome benefits , almost unheard of . He just graduated last year at 40 years old from mechanic school . He works a full time job plus this one . I know first hand the exceptional benefits ups provides . It would cost $800 a month for family ins through his other job alone . You do not need to try and sell / intimidate me on joining the union . I think It is BS not a sole has mentioned anything to him about joining . Nothing in the mail about his insurance either . Had to call for Insurance cards . At least there are links for the insurance online . Can't say the same for a link on how to join the union . No that I have felt the need to get defensive I will leave this at .... Nobody likes a bully , nobody .
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    Probably will not like being in the Union then. Gorilla is one of the nicer ones.

    Maybe once your husband gets insurance coverage and is making $20/hr he should consider joining the Union.

    At that point, maybe the Union, as a Collective Negotiator, will have negotiated something that he could not get as an individual.

    Full-timers should belong to the Union since the Union has negotiated very favorable conditions for Full-timers at the expense of the Part-timers.
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    What about health insurance premiums? I live in an area where the P/T benefits are through the company and did not have to pay anything toward a premium. Meanwhile, our non-union employees had to pay a significant amount for similar coverage -> more than enough to justify the cost of joining the union. I do not live in a RTW state, and the employee groups I'm referring to are auditors (who receive a handsome initial raise of course) but I'm curious how it works in RTW areas.
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    The Union doesn't have anywhere near 480,000 [UPS] members nationwide.

    The insurance isn't "gold standard." Not when the Union just negotiated a one year delay for employee coverage, and an eighteen month delay for dependent coverage.

    It isn't free. All employees in the Bargaining Unit, (union members and non union members,) pay for their insurance through hourly contributions into the various insurance funds. In New England we pay $8.56 per hour. This is money in lieu of pay, meaning we are paid that much less so the money can instead be remitted to the fund by UPS.

    The part-timer insurance fund we are probably referring to in this thread is run exclusively by UPS so UPS doesn't use an hourly coontribution formula, but the effect is the same. UPS pays part-timers that much less, then pays for the operation of the fund through the money it saved.

    However it's done, your health insurance, (and you pension,) is paid for by you (or your co-workers). It's all part of your total compensation package.

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    Not sure I understand your question SW.

    What I meant was that if one is in a P/T Bargaining Unit position, they get the same benefits whether they belong to the Union or not.
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    Ok hold on not all of us hear are like this. So here is my imput. If your husband feels like he should join then so be it, If not then that is fine as well. I have found over the years that using threats to get someone to come to the union just does not work. So I will if someone has a problem and they don't like what they have heard about the union then I tell them if you don't like the way I handle the issue then don't sign up but if you like the job I have Done with you then sign up. This has worked everytime. Now that stated the company will not tell him about the union unless it is enforced by the union itself. In RTW like I'm in the company does not tell the new person of the union, but it is in our contract the UPS will have steward to address the new hires for 15min. Now does this take place, no because the union in our area is lazy and the stewards have told the BA many times and they have don't do anything about it. I as a union person myself look at the fact can you afford the dues. Some people can not, and I would never hold that over thier heads. You will find to as well that some people on this site only read what they want to see and not read what you have stated or type. Good luck to you and your husband and medical school. good for him.
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    The actual definition of a "scab" is someone who crosses a picket line. This arguement has been going around as long as people have been pulling up beside me in the summertime asking if my truck is air conditioned.
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    Let me clarify:
    Our part-time, hourly employee groups that are non-union have the same benefits as part-time, union employees but they have to contribute toward the premium (just like management employees). I'm pondering if non-union employees in RTW states have to make contributions toward their premiums.
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    I don't know about everywhere, but in N.C. non-union (hourly) employees get the exact same thing as union members.
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    If your husband is interested in joining the Union he should get in touch with either a Steward or call the Local Union hall and speak to someone there. If you are willing to tell me where your from in a Private Message I can get you a contact number for you Local Union.
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    This is the first I have ever heard of this, I have been with UPS over 18 years now and have never heard of a part timer paying for health care unless they were part time supervision. They don't to pay to pay in the RTW state that I live in.
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    Even the auditors in my state don't pay for the health care.
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    Our package auditors (now eliminated) and FDC clerks (now union, of course) paid for their benefits -- they had the same menu as management. Our high-value clerks continue to pay for their benefits, although I believe formally these jobs are considered management.
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    Thank you to all that took time to read . Special thanks to Stewartd71 .
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    And thanks to grgrcr88