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    I am just curious across the country how this company of our is treating there employees.I know all of the country lost there Turkeys, There safe driving awards, Years of service awards,even the birthday card, Founders day comes around once a year and your lucky someone in management even mentions it let alone hand out like a measly roll and a coffee.They have no regard for an employee's home life, you are supposed to work 10 to 12 hour days all year round now with no break,constant harrasment,never a thank you or a job well done your only thank you for doing a good job is more work.Management as well as hourly.Management they cut there medical as much as they can, no more pension for future hires,up the age of retirement to age 59. Does everyone realize how much money this company is making.Is it really necessary to treat its workforce like we dont count or matter to the success of this company.It is really a shame,it should not be this way working for such a profitable company.
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    Don't worry about how other people treat you at work. Get yours and get out. That's how I roll, you have to have thick skin, don't let some manager get to you. They're all wired the same way it seems. Just be grateful for what you have.

  3. At my hub, it seems Drivers are treated very well by management. At Least once a week they get bagels & refreshments. From what I see,MGMT has a good relationship with drivers. Us preloaders, we only get bagels or refreshments at least once a month. I feel they treat us preloaders pretty good. I can't complain.

    ​Loyal Teamster
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    Personally, I feel I've been treated more than fairly in my short time as a preloader with UPS. My first two weeks of employment there was some issue with my time card and those of the 3 others hired at the same time-- the manager responsible for my hiring paid me and three others out of pocket for two consecutive weeks. He's since been reimbursed by myself and one of the other guys, I have no clue about the other two.

    I've also gotten into near-boxing matches with the first supervisor that I ever had to work directly under. I was always given the benefit of the doubt and the supervisor ended up catching reprimands. Sometimes I was out of line, sometimes the supervisor was... but I've never felt like management was ganging up on me just for the hell of it, and I've never even felt ganged up on.

    Occasionally some kind of food is provided (eg: BJs Muffins, Chik-Fil-A breakfasts for everyone interested at the end of the shift, breakfast cooked by management, random gum and candy occasionally by the clock-in/clock-out computer, ice cold water bottles provided as we walk through security on the especially warm mornings) but it's a seldom occasion. I wouldn't even go as far to saying once a month... maybe once every two or three months for legit food, every couple of weeks with the candy and gum and, lately, every morning with the water bottles.

    Truthfully, I feel nothing but gratitude towards my specific management team. Occasionally I'm :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ed over with a bad pull but hey, it is what it is, right? I've always looked at my morning shift at UPS as an early morning workout that I'm compensated for-- no more, no less. When I look at it through that lens then this part-time gig really isn't all that bad, and it'll only get better come August when I make the one-year mark.
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    Just to add to your post.. Yes they did cut the pension for management, but now UPS puts money into their 401K and the stock bonus is still around from what I have been told.. I would have much rather had UPS put money into my 401 K as opposed to giving it to the crooks at CS. If they would have done that most of us with 25+ years would be able to retire with NO problems..
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    Fairly, but their expectation of me is too high. I hurt my shoulders today, now the days of superman is over.
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    They expect a lot out of you but you only need to give them what you can. I can't say I am treated poorly. The supervisors I work for are usually courteous. I'd say I am a top performer though so that has something to do with it. Either way, supervisors (pt) tend to be fairly understanding.
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    BJs and muffins, eh? Are they hiring in your building?
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    "part time gig" who else is sick of this term? It's called job - J.O.B.
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    Truthfully? I'm sick of you and Loyal Teamster (though I'm still not sure if I should replace that "and" with a comma), but I try to veil my hostility.

    If you want to turn this into an overt kind of thing I'd be more than happy to accommodate.
  11. you aint even know it

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    So you are saying that part timers don't belong on this forum and you're sick of them?
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    This MUST be a trick question...........
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    Checks haven't bounced yet, everything else I can give a rip about, I'm not here for bagels and pats on the head.
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    5 years in and I remember when we would have cook outs after the preload for a good job every few months, supervisors taking enpoloyees who wanted to go, out to eat after work or out for drinks on a Friday for a good wrap. Every year after peak season, our center manager would call a Center wide meeting after break to thank all of us for our hard work during the season....

    Now we cant even as much get a pat on the back. I really feel like a ticking time bomb with this place now. Ive seen a complete 360 over the past two years of how we hourlies are treated. Its a struggle to even get out the car sometimes w/o contemplating just going back home.

    I use to have a lot of pride saying I work for UPS but management has pretty much stripped that away from me and others I work with. It sucks but it is what it is. I just hope our culture is never revealed to those outside these centers and hubs.
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    ​At least you can say that you are treated better than management!
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    Punch in punch out get paid on Thursday..... Repeat
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    Jibbs didn't say all part timers, just you and your three other personalities. At least he hides his hostility, I don't bother.
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    " right on the money !"
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    I don't know that UPS was ever a 'kinder, gentler' kind of company. I drove from '88 to '97, and have a fond memory of being screamed at over the phone by my Center Manager when I called out sick because my wife was in labor and we were going to the hospital. He accused me of timing her preganacy so I could get a day off during peak. Another fond memory is coming into the center around 8pm to find a note stuck to the time clock for me to 'call this number'. Turns out the number was for the Wentworth Douglas Hospital Emergency room, where my wife had been taken by ambulance around 3 in the afternoon after slipping on ice and falling down a flight of stairs. My driver supervisor claimed he didn't know how to find me, and there wasn't anyone in the center who could come out and meet me.
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    This is just Corporate America now. Only the people at the top are getting rewarded. Thank God we have a union to hold our wages up.

    UPS has been a tough place to work for over 30 years . Its nothing new.