How Will UPS Compete With Amazon?


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I can’t wait to see how paying people a dollar over minimum wage to deliver 70-150lb irregs is going to work out. I’m willing to bet Amazon will keep UPS just for that purpose, even when they’re self sufficient with under 70s and air.

This fleet of delivery vehicles they’re building up (cheap mid-sized cargo vans) is not going to handle all the heavy furniture and household appliances they sell. Combined with their normal load of small boxes and plastic envelopes, I wonder how many 100 pound mattresses and bed frames those Nissan or Mercedes vans can hold. I don’t even think there is room for a hand truck.

The fleet of delivery vans is challenging the inventory at most "you-pull-it" auto salvage yards. Only difference is that you can salvage some body parts from the local yard. The Amazon vans starting to look like props from a disaster movie. Time to buy stock in PepBoys

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I think we will be fine. We seem to have recovered from that peak season disaster a few years ago. A lot more employees as well. On my end anyways, the volume is going way up. It’s been trending for a few years now.


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Are you really that concerned about Amazon? Or did you fall in love with Alexa, and this is some fetish? Seriously, you couldn't find the answer to this question in any of your 4 other chicken-little Amazon threads?
This is ageing well :)



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This is ageing well :)

What in that post has aged? It's just questions. You probably should have quoted a post that said Amazon will never compete with UPS. BTW, I'm still not concerned about Amazon delivery. I'm working 6 days a week this peak for the first time ever.