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    Wanted to say hello, and get a little info.

    I'm very interested in working for UPS. Have been researching for sometime now. I understand most people start out as package handlers and then move on to drivers or managment later on.

    I've always been somewhat interested in UPS since I was kid. Since then, I've been in the military, and am currently a junior in college; however, my interest in school is fading. I've changed my major 6 times (if you can believe that), and my interest in UPS is resurfacing. I think I'd love to someday be a feeder driver.

    Where would the closest UPS place be to me? I believe "hub" is the correct term? I live in a little town called Kemp about an hour southeast of Dallas. Is there a site that lists all the UPS hubs?
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    There's a big hub right there in Kemp, it's on N Elm, haven't you seen it? Ha, just kidding.:peaceful:

    Yes, it's called Wikipedia. Search for List of United Parcel Service Hubs.
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    Nearest Hub to Kemp would be Mesquite, then Dallas, Fort Worth, and the DFW Air Hub.