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    So after interviewing a month ago I still haven't gotten my "we'll call you in 2 to 3 weeks" call, but that comes as no surprise after cruising this site.

    I did notice today that my application under the "my inquiries" section of the UPS HR page went from active to on file today. Does that mean I'm out of the position I interviewed for and they might look me up in the future? Or does that mean they finally finished background checks, etc. (Position is for Package Driver)


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    You might want to call HR and ask them what is going on. I did that after mine went to on file from active good thing I did that because the interviewer told the manager I wanted fulltime and not part time!
    I just made my senority today! yeah for me!
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    I would call. Sometimes an employer likes the fact that a possible employee has the initiative to pick up th e phone and call them.
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    It actually took two attempts for me to get hired at UPS. The guy in charge of hiring at the time (this was before the interviews by appointment only crap they have now) didn't like my work history because I had been out of high school 3 years and had arleady been through 3 full-time jobs and numerous part-time jobs. I had just started college and knew that no other part-time job was going to start at $8.50/hr and pay for school so I became and pest and came back a week later and applied again. He said he decided to hire me the second time I applied because it appeared that I really wanted the job. I was hired with 34 other people and 30 of them were gone after 3 weeks and then after about a year I was the only one left. It may be hard for people to do what I did because now all the hubs have those appointment only hiring centers instead.
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    HR takes appliations all the time in advance for job openings. It's just a matter of when the job you applied for has an opening.
    Have you asked if this was a seasonal job for vacation converages? If so, the hiring period starts in May.
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    Who do you call? I can't get a direct number to my local hub and the "Employment Hotline" is nothing but a recording stating the entire process is done online now. How do I get a number??? :confused:1
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    stop a local driver and ask him his opinion.
    he may have a number for you
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    They hired me without a application, or so they thought! I put in my application through the state job services. And since I was working a construction job and couldn't call them often (Pre Cell Phones) my dad said he would call them. So he calls them and shoots the :censored2: with them and tells them he's retired and was just trying to help his son out. "He was one hell of a guy" When he said he was retired, they thought from UPS, and called me the next day for an interview. After the interview thay tell me I'm hired and them asked me where my dad worked when he was with UPS. I still remember the look on her face when I told her that I had no idea what she was talking about. 25 years later, I'm still here. My dad always told me that I owed him big time for that!!! I was laid off after X-mas, call back in February and qualified in April. Hired in at 75% and got a 5% raise every month and was at top pay in 5 months. Boy those were the days!!!!
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    Go into the Customer Counter of the building you're applying for and say, "I'm trying to get ahold of HR. Do you have a number?" Any UPS building save maybe the CACH (Chicago Area Consolidation Hub) has a customer counter. That's what I did for my current UPS stint. I got the main HR number froom the customer counter and called it. Be sure to ask if the number you called is the number you'd call from a phone not on the UPS property (I had that problem). I was allowed to call from an on-property phone and was directed to the right person. We traded voicemails for a few days before we connected. Good luck! -Rocky
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    there might be some 20 other dudes waitting on this job. i'd just show up and ask in person........
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    Yes sometimes buildings have people hiring who they dont even know. show up, get a local number call, bug the crap out of them, Ive been hired for more than one place coz they got sick of talking to me. But UPS was not one of those. I applied at the college I was going to, got called on Memorial day night, to be there for an interview the next morning, and havent missed a day of working since 1984. Except by choice. A few during my driving initiation period but they were welcome.
    show up in person.