Hundreds remember UPS pilots as remains return home

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    The remains of the two UPS pilots killed three weeks ago in a crash in Dubai are back with their families. They were flown in early Friday morning. The crash killed Captain Doug Lampe of Louisville and First Officer Matthew Bell from Florida.

    Hundreds of people showed up Friday morning for a ceremony at the main UPS hub in Louisville. Both pilots spent a lot of time there and it's where their remains were flown overnight.

    A UPS spokesman says the private ceremony brought in more than 800 people including about 400 pilots. The Lampe and Bell families were also there. Lampe was with the company since 1995; Bell since 2006. Friends and co-workers shared stories and speeches of the two from their time together. "It was very quiet, somber. This is certainly a very trying time not only for the families but all of us at UPS. We really feel this," UPS Spokesman Mike Mangeot said.

    The cargo jet went down September 3, 2010 just after takeoff outside Dubai. There was a delay getting the remains of the pilots home because of the investigation. The investigation by the General Civil Aviation authority in Dubai and the NTSB here in the United States continues and is expected to be lengthy. Right now investigators say a fire on board filled the cockpit with smoke.

    Visitation for Lampe will be Sunday from 2 to 8 at Pearson Ratterman Brothers Funeral Home. His funeral will be Monday at 2 at Southeast Christian Church.
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    All of us...past and present UPSers feel this loss and grieve for these man.

    I wish the Lampe and Bell Families strength with their loss.

    Please Lord: make something positive come from this terrible accident.

    Doug and Matt: You will always be remembered.............RIP

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    I totally agree. Lets hope this incident leads UPS to install main deck fire suppression and EVAS. God Bless.
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    I appreciate the comments, but what is a DOL?
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    You know what (or who) DOL was. Dis-organized Labor. How did he come into the conversation?

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    Please do not speak of DOL. It is forbidden.