Hurt on the job



Anybody been through an injury and gone through the ADA process of trying to qualify for an accomodation?


You need to speak with an Attorney that specializes in ADA law. Dont open the phone book and call your local ambulance chaser. Once you find a lawyer find out how much he is going to charge you, get it in writing. I went through a 2 year period of workers comp and three surgeries. My lawyer told me to call him weekly for an update. What I didnt realize was that every phone call (2 minutes) was costing me 25.00. Every letter he wrote to me after the call, another 50.00. The only reason I sought legal advise was due to my original doctor telling me he would NEVER release me to work as a package driver. I racked up a 3k legal bill in no time flat. I didnt have the money, lawyer takes me to court, Judge lets me pay 25.00 a week. The Judge wasnt real happy with the bill either. Ive rambled on but I think you get the message. BTW, I've been back to work for 3 years, pain and trouble free.


Richie what kind of accomadation are you trying to get?


I'm trying to get them to give me another job in the warehouse. I won't be able to drive my truck with my wrist torn up. They are saying they can't accomodate me with an inside job. I have a lifting restriction on my wrist. They are saying I can't lift 70lbs so -- no job. Its crap because who lifts 70 with one hand? Nice how they get around things. This company doesn't really take care of its employees. Use us up and toss us aside.


I think you can see from upsdude's post that an attorney is not the answer.

If your wrist is so bad that you will never be able to lift 70 pounds, then I think what UPS is telling you is correct. They don't have to create a job for you, and I don't know of any jobs inside that would meet your restriction.

Your best bet is to find a way to get that wrist well so you meet the 70 pound requirement. Good luck to you. I hope it works out for you.