I-85 wreck kills UPS Freight driver

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    I-85 wreck kills UPS Freight driver | Charlotte Observer

    The wreck sent a trailer from the truck flipping over the guardrail onto a road below. The trucker's load of cigarettes was scattered across I-85 and McCanless Road, where one of the rig's two trailers landed.

    Killed in the crash was Garry Darnell Wilkerson, 58, of Chesterfield, Va. A spokesperson for UPS Freight told NewsChannel 36, the Observer's news partner, that Wilkerson had a clean driving record. The company said it is looking into the possibility that the truck blew a front tire
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    My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and co-workers. God bless.
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    A sad story indeed. RIP
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    Terrible. No words would help.