I Can't Believe You Guys!


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Not a peep about the Rose Bowl? What a football game. I got home from work just in time to see the ball snapped on the first play of the 2nd half and what a half it was. Congrats to the Longhorns on the win and congrats to both teams for a very good football game.

The Penn State/FSU game was a good un' too!


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I'm not a college football fan but tuned in the game off and on in the second half. I was so happy to see Texas win, since most of the "experts" hadn't given them a chance.:w00t:


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I was not able to spare the time to watch the game. Also glad Texas won, one of my great friends and mentors, not to mention fish supplier has a daughter that is a cheerleader for Texas, so I know Brett was there watching with pride.

It was a really good game with some of the best of the best playing.