I feel my sup/business man. Will try to fire me tomorrow.......

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Glad you posted this... I often wonder if other centers have this problem. You can add all the above to some of my days, plus not even SPA'd or PAL'd, and just trown in a pile on the floor to be loaded in a truck. Build a manifest and deal with it in RDO order, taking time to figure out if you might be skipping something so you can avoid backtracking for miles. It doesn't always work. We cover a massive area with many long routes.

Of course, the cameras in the building don't deter management from sneaking home for the day, often as early as 10am.

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Long story short, no important details missing; thrown out on route, blind, I mean BLIND BLIND BLIND, NO MAPS, NO DIAD CRADLE, NO NAVIGATION AT ALL. Do not know the route at all. Used personal phone until battery died, maps soft key gave wrong directions, off completely. (Before some dummy asks, yes I can follow directions, yes I know N, E, W, S, yes I'm sure soft key maps was wrong with provided info) can they fire me for not having any tools to do my job? Tools 99% of every other drivers had every day? I went in today and my stewards said your getting paid your 8 today and nothings happening today we will address this tomorrow morning, be here on time. One more question, because if this is going the way I feel it is, I'll get my job back with pay for time missed, I would like some options senior guys have found out on how to :censored2: these weenies over every single day for the rest of my career here. I know grieve everything, but are there some stipulations that aren't normally used but by contract can be used to throw monkey wrenches in the cogs of this machine?
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