I got another job offer...

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by instantK, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. instantK

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    I recently got a job offer. its with a friends small business...

    I'm thinking about taking it...
    I hate being in these situation because I can never decide what's best and what I really want to do.

    Let's just say the job would be a lot better than being a driver but its around half the money with no benefits...
  2. Jones

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    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    Don't do it. Friends & business don't mix. It will be hard for you to take direction from your friend(new boss), and also hard on your friend to be your boss. Ups is a tough gig, but there is a lot of good things here too. One of the best things about working for a large company is your check always there on payday.
  4. PiedmontSteward

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    Small businesses rise and fall all the time. If your pal's idea has the potential to take off and he'll bring you to the top with him, it might be worth considering. If you have a wife and kids (or plan to any time soon) then probably not.

    If you're willing to take a ~50% pay cut (really a ~50-75% pay cut once you factor in pension/401K match/health benefits depending on how many dependents you have) then you must really hate driving for UPS.

    I have a BA and I'm beefing up my resume/course load and might go for my Masters in the next two years (while still working PT) or so and I have no intention of leaving UPS, unless I had a full ride PhD scholarship tethered to a tenure-track job thrown in my face. The likelihood of that happening is next to nil, though, so I hedge my bets.
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    That was a good reply BSWALKS

    about the benefits though, the plan would be to get on my future wifes benes
  6. stink219

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    I don't understand this logic. Do you mean less stressful? Because in my opinion being a driver sounds way more lucrative than that job. I'm not trying to brag but with wages, health and pension my total compensation was 127k last year. If your a person that caves at a little stress, don't be a driver. If your dream is a 9-5 job, don't be a driver. If you want a nice car, a house, a boat, go on multiple vacations, nice restaurants, enjoy special luxuries and still put money away with amazing medical (at least here in East NE) and a pension when you leave, BE A DRIVER MY FRIEND!! UPS might be azzhos, jerks, bullies and such BUT one thing they always do, is pay!
  7. instantK

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    From the way it look it looks as if hes growing, hes been around for 4 years now and every year seems to get bigger... but yes its DEFF. a big risk.

    I dont have any kids, mortage, debts, just daily expense.

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  9. PiedmontSteward

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    You would seriously be rolling the dice there, my friend. How many years do you have in at UPS? PT/FT? What sort of pension do you have to fall back on when you retire?

    It takes ~15 years or so to go FT in my building. I've got 8 years in PT and I'm pretty much "stuck" at this point. I hate UPS, but I enjoy the stability of knowing my work schedule Monday - Friday, paid vacations, yearly raises, and the right to take a dump in the company kiddie pool if my manager starts acting out. I have friends that work in the service industry making $8.00 or $9.00/hr (with a token $0.15 raise every other year or so) with randomized schedules and absolutely no recourse if they get on management's bad side - it's not perfect, but we have it pretty good.
  10. instantK

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    7years pt.... be pt cover driver for 2 of those years
  11. instantK

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    I enjoy being a driver... I really really dislike the long hours.....

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    Well that's your future wife. Trust me anything can happen, & will. Business wise or relationship wise.
    Like piedmont steward said, small business rise & fall all the time. My advice is given with the knowledge of running my own small business for well over 2 decades, & working in a family business before & during that same time.

    Small business is extremely challenging. What's gonna happen if the business has a bad week, month or year?
    I can tell you. When it comes down to it, if its a matter of keeping the business open, or letting people go, friends or not, people will be let go.
    I'm not saying all small fail, but there will be tough times more likely than not.
    What I like about UPS, I can punch in, work like a dog, punch out & go home & forget the place, knowing come Friday morning, my check already in the bank & my health insurance is always paid up.
    Good luck in your decision, it's a tough one.
  13. brownmonster

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    UPS is not the end all, be all.

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    Certainly not. If you can find something better go for it.
    some people love it, some hate it. I lean towards the love side.
    I've got a great thing going here, so I'm staying around a while longer
  15. stink219

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    It might be for some. And not a bad alternative to the college less. Granted it sucks, but FT jobs are the highest paid in the industry.
  16. brownmonster

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    Like the OP says, the biggest problem is not having set hours. Every morning wondering what's in store for the day sucks.
  17. RoBo

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    I'll give my two cents. I was married to a woman that ran her own business. I worked with her while I worked part time at ups. She needed more hours from me, and it would have meant more money for us, even more than if I had gone driving (24 years ago).

    The opportunity to drive came up, and I almost passed on it until her father 'pushed' me to go for the solid career. I'm really glad he did because we were divorced a couple years later.

    You have to look out for your backside, because life has a way of changing directions on you, in spite of your perfectly mapped out plans. That's a gift we learn after the fact. It is also why it is so important for younger people to fairly weigh the advise of others who have been there, done that.

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    Work both jobs, retire at 55 loaded.
  19. Jackburton

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    Why not stop cover driving and go back in the hub with the least amount of hours you can work. Spend some time at this new place with your friend and keep the bennies at UPS.
  20. instantK

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    i thought u couldnt go back into the building in preload once u become a driver?