I have a question about my pay rate. Please help!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by IrishKC, Oct 24, 2011.

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    So I've been working at UPS for almost two years. (I'll have two years next week) Anyway, I started out with the base $8.50/hr that all new hires get. Then after my 90 days I got the dollar raise making it $9.50. Then, finally, I was up to $10.00/hr a couple months later. That was almost a year and a half ago. I've heard some of my co-workers talking about a 55 cent raise that they got in August. I never got that raise. I am still making the $10.00/hr. It seems like I should have had some sort of hourly raise within the last year and a half. Is that correct? Or am I wrong? I'm not really sure who I should ask about it.

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    Sometimes, things do get overlooked. Computers are not perfect, either. Have you brought it up to your sup?
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    Sounds like he was hired after August 1st, 2008. He won't get any contract raises or the recent COLA. He only gets the yearly progression rates, until the next contract which probably won't have any raises.
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    Get a copy of the contract or go to the first thread under Union issues on BC. Then read Article 22 section 5 (b).
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    I do not need a pay raise with the next contract. Would expect Health & Welfare enhancements however.
    If they do not address PT wages in the next contract they will get a big NO vote from me!
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    As you'll see when you read all of Article 22, Section 5, you should have gone to $10 per hour after your first year, and will go to $10.50 next week, after two years. Then to $11.00 after three years. And $11.87 after four years.

    You can add an extra dollar to any of these rates by switching to the PreLoader/Sorter Scale.