I have a question can you help me out?

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    Hello forum I've been lurking for a while :happy2:

    My names Ryan I'm turning 20 I've done the jumper thing a few years ago and got very good remarks on my work effort.. This past year I did preload for seasonal and I did the golf carts I was working 10+ hours a day and also got good marks from supervisers and everyone I talked too.. I got to become very good friends with the safety supervisor and I talk to him frequently.. I talked to the actual hiring guy in my building and he pretty much said nothings happening till next season.. which confused me.

    (my supervisor) said I was on the "hire list" after seasonal to come back to work preload, this was 4 months ago.. I basically gave up in march waiting but he texted me one day saying there going to start hiring and I'm next... but It's been over and a month and he keeps just saying next week... next week.. yet no call..

    I really like to work hard and would love this job and move up in this company but how this is going I don't think I'm ever going to get hired.. What do I do?
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    Requisitions for hiring are currently taking a longer time period to get approved than usual. Most likely, the supervisor does continue to believe it will be next "week". He believes this because his manager is telling him to he talked to an HR Manager yesterday who said he talked to the District HR Manager who called region and an admin there hold him/her that he/she is pretty sure the Region HR manager has it in his/her day planner to do it really, really soon. Of course, this is only one scenario out of a plethora of similar possibilities. But I can assure you, it's a lot like the aforementioned.
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    I would go to school and find another place to be employed it's a very bad work environment.
  4. Matthew

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    haha all over i guess... my building is ridicolous right now
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    Do not listen to anonymous (note that I did not say "all union members").
    If you aspire to become a white collar person (or not), my advice is to maintain a positive attitude and DO NOT get dragged into Union/Non Union BS issues. Be your own man and do the right thing. When something doesn't go right, realize that is common occurrence, not poor management. When manager's are being jerks, give them a few moments and then ask why. They have pressures that you may not be aware of. Don't be confrontational as that is what you will receive in return and management is much better at it than non management.
    If you want to stay blue collar (no disrespect intended, but that's all I could think of to separate the two), then just do your job; manage your Supervisor and always remember that once the relationship breaks down; everything downstream does too.
    Good luck. Stay happy. UPS is just your job, not your life force. Don't let it become that.
  6. tieguy

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    persistance is the key to the lock. If you believe you will not get hired then you wont. If you want it bad enough then go for it.
  7. barnyard

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    You do know that the economy is in the dumper right now. That could have something to do with the delay.
  8. Raw

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    I agree! The majority of management has no idea what they are doing or if they have management leadership skills their hands are usually tied as to what they want to have done. :surprised:
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    Hopefully this is it and there just stalling the supervisor I talk to really has nothing to do with the hiring manager in the building, I know him too but not as well and he basically told me there is no way till next season, but then I get a call saying there going to hire me within a few weeks...
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    I have never understood why some people who work for this company are so bitter. I started 2 years ago almost, struggled through layoffs, was rear ended by an overloaded beet truck driven by an unlicensed Ukranian during harvest, delivered in some of the most extreme weather conditions, and worked many nights longer than I wanted, yet for some reason I don't feel that it is at all a "bad work environment". I personally feel that the ones who say these things would be unhappy anywhere they worked, your job is what you make it, if it's a "bad work environment" you probably made it that way. When my daughter was born, if it weren't for the benefits our hospital bill would've been 10,000 dollars but we got the bill and it was 86 dollars, my brother is still paying on his and his kids are 2 and 5. So, if this is a "bad work environment", I ask you what constitutes a "good work environment"?

    P.S. I went to school and so did many other people my age and I make more in a month than some of them do in 3. What a horrible place to work.....LOL
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    yutty, money has nothing to do with our work environment.
  12. yuttynutt

    yuttynutt Coffee Good!!!

    I never said it was all about the money, I believe my words were if your work environment is bad, then you probably made it that way. What I was trying to do is point out some of the reasons our job is good , and I personally believe we are payed very well and benefits are better than most. From what I have seen some people who do this job are below sub-par and are still payed the same as the rest of us who bust our humps all day just to find that upper management expects us to pick up the Sub-par peoples slack because our center is overallowed because so and so took too long, but I don't let this get to me and say it's a bad work environment, and tell others not to come work here. As I stated earlier some people would be unhappy anywhere they worked. There are alot of good aspects to this job. So when we tell a person about it, let's tell them the good points and not be so pessimistic.
  13. UpstateNYUPSer

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    There are folks on this forum who would admonish those who "bust our humps all day".

    There are others who would describe the efforts of the "sub-par" as "acceptable".

    Welcome to the mediocrity known as a union shop.
  14. Nimnim

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    I often wondered what would happen if, at least on inside work they payed people by the piece. Pretty sure you'd find you'll need half the unloaders working at 1500/hr instead of the 900/hr they might hit on a good day if they knew their performance actually mattered to their pay.
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    In the two years you've been here, you were ushered into a driving position with no PT experience. That in itself shines a bit of light on your situation. Most people work PT for five plus before seeing a driving position. It'll shift your disposition a bit.

    Take this for example: PT supervisor has an employee with liver problems, he has soresis all over his arm. I don't know this, but the supervisor does. I ask a few questions about the guy, and find out he's a raging *******. I ask not to work with him, since I assume it to be ringworm, the supervisor tells me to go back to work because its nothing to worry about. I talk to my shop steward, he tells management that if they can't produce a doctors note to verify it to not be contagious, the employee has to leave. They tell the guy that I (by name) said he has ringworm and he needs a doctors note before he can return to work. Later I found out , through the ******* guy, that they had processed an FMLA paper for his liver condition. So they knew, created a big mess, simply by refusing to say that the guy has a medical condition. I didn't need to know anything other than that they knew of a medical condition, that was not ringworm... instead they tell him that I said he's got ringworm and he needs a doctor's note telling them it's being treated.

    Stick around long enough, being rear-ended by others is bad, but when you're rear-ended by your own supervisors that'll be enough to make you bitter.

    Since I assume you skipped the PT gauntlet, I could see how you could view the establishment as peachy.
  16. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Andrew, did you think for a moment that the medical condition of your co-worker is none of you damn business? I think you would have best served to shut your mouth and do your job. *****
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    When its contagious, it's my business. When im literally rubbing elbows with this guy, I want to know what it is on his arm, and why he doesn't feel the need to cover that nasty rash up with a long sleeved shirt.

    I just reread your post, was there a point there that i missed? There IS a reason why the shop steward supported me, and there really ISN'T a reason the management needed to rat me out by name.

    Maybe you should consider getting your own website or starting a blog if you want to be combative and post a continuous stream of negative & meaningless driibble.
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    Seems like they have enough help for now, you will probably get hired back for peak and then laid off again. Don't give up, you will get hired sooner or later, once things pick up. The economy will pick up after the elections in November and there is more balance in the House and the Senate. Make sure you vote!!
  20. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Steve, I enjoy your posts--a bit of comic relief to give the adults a break.