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    A local delivery driver and I were delivering to Barnes and Noble this week. The delivery guy asks me if I've been approached about a driver buyout. I told him I hadn't, nor had I heard of such a thing. He tells me that his brother-in-law, a more than 20 year UPS driver in Virginia had been approached and was mulling it over. He said something about $2,500/month to leave early. Is this true? Is there a driver buyout program?
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    No No and No
  3. pickup

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    Why buy a driver out when you can push him out instead?
  4. Monkey Butt

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    No because the drivers would have to be bought out by the Teamsters.
    The Teamsters have no reason to do that ... they want more union-dues paying members, not less.

    Also, it appears UPS has already reduced the number of drivers without paying out anything ... that is one of the upsides of a union represented workforce.
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    The only thing remote to that here in Central VA is a 25 and out. They modified it recently and you had to have at least 20 years and be grandfathered into that option. I only have 18, so I missed out. I believe it payed the driver $2500 per month for 25 years of Full time service and you could retire early. I've heard nothing worded as a driver buyout.
  6. stevetheupsguy

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    That sounds like what I heard. I'll ask my guy next time I see him.
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    We have 25 and out retirement, $2500 a month no insurance though.
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    I never heard of this. I would consider it though....
  9. over9five

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    Who wants to leave? They'll be prying my cold, dead hands from the steering wheel.
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    What you are hearing is the buy out offer for supervisors over the age of 50 which will happen right after peak in january...it looks like it will be one years pay, plus whatever retirement earned but will not include adjusted stock due to the sheer numbers of people that are eligible ....
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    Is your source reliable on this information? My on-car has about 2 1/2 yrs left and would take this is in a second if it is offered.
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    Hopefully mine will too.:wink2:
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    ROLMFAO. In all honesty, I don't mind the job. Currently, I'm delivering to a preffered customer of UPS that happens to employ a former on-car sup as a manger.

    He is a great guy and we talk to each other like we are old friends. He left UPS in 2001. However, at first he got on my nerves a little bit. He would stick his head into the truck and say I was under 8. Also, he would say thing about the preloader like is he blind? When he said things like this I thought to myself just shut up you're not funny. But I got to know him a lot better and his comments don't bother me anymore.

    I have a point to this story and its that he described UPS as a religion. And at this, I couldn't agree with him more...
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    If only people would take the time, there would be WAY less problems in the world today.
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    Where do I sign....
  16. Jones

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    No buyout in NoVa, nobody would take 2,500 at 20 here anyway. We do have early retirement, you can leave at 50 as long as you're vested.
  17. scratch

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    I don't think that there is any way a driver buyout will ever happen.
  18. PhatAzz

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    How reliable is your source for this tidbit??????
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    I don't know how reliable this person's source is, but your avatart just gave me a great idea for a Halloween costume.:happy2:
  20. rod

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    I'm guessing fanatical Islam?