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Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by DS, Jun 25, 2007.

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    It seems lately that every time I wake up someone else wants to charge me more for things and its starting to get to me.In the morning news I read they are increasing the fee to renew your licence by $60,and you know it does not matter who I vote for,this is getting out of hand.
    Everyday its something new....my AC unit is not cooling the house
    like it used to,They want $811 for front shocks on my 2002 nissan...before labour charges,man thats 20% of the value of the car.
    income,property,provincial,gst,TAX TAX TAX....I was depressed until
    I watched this,and it made me feel a bit better.If you have not seen the movie,well its pretty much all here,but its a feel good movie that I bet over9five will enjoy if he missed it.see next post:)
  2. DS

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    the videogame aspect is humorous,but the real reason I picked this version is that he manages to capture the "I`ve had enough"concept
  3. ahhh if only it were that easy
  4. moreluck

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    The whole sequence of events was set off by him being in the typical California traffic jam with a fly buzzing around in his car.

    You just never know what'll set some people off.:sad:
  5. yeah I've been in these situation before, I mean is it so hard to make an egg mcmuffin with a hashbrown @ noon oh and the bazooka to the construction site too, and the massachusetts public thought the big dig was behind because of budget constraints hahahaha :w00t:

    seriously though I know what you mean DS and I did like this movie though (the actual movie)
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    I have NO idea what you mean...:confused:1

    Accounts Receivable Tax
    Building Permit Tax
    Capital Gains Tax
    CDL license Tax
    Cigarette Tax
    Corporate Income Tax
    Court Fines (indirect taxes)
    Dog License Tax
    Federal Income Tax
    Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)
    Fishing License Tax
    Food License Tax
    Fuel permit tax
    Gasoline Tax (42 cents per gallon)
    Hunting License Tax
    Inheritance Tax Interest expense (tax on the money)
    Inventory tax IRS Interest Charges (tax on top of tax)
    IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)
    Liquor Tax
    Local Income Tax
    Luxury Taxes
    Marriage License Tax
    Medicare Tax
    Property Tax
    Real Estate Tax
    Septic Permit Tax
    Service Charge Taxes
    Social Security Tax
    Road Usage Taxes
    Sales Taxes
    Recreational Vehicle Tax
    Road Toll Booth Taxes
    School Tax
    State Income Tax
    State Unemployment Tax
    Telephone federal excise tax
    Telephone federal universal service fee tax
    Telephone federal, state and
    local surcharge taxes
    Telephone minimum usage surcharge tax
    Telephone recurring and non-recurring charges tax
    Telephone state and local tax
    Telephone usage charge tax
    Toll Bridge Taxes
    Toll Tunnel Taxes
    Traffic Fines
    Trailer Registration Tax
    Utility Taxes
    Vehicle License Registration Tax
    Vehicle Sales Tax
    Watercraft Registration Tax
    Well Permit Tax
    Workers Compensation Tax....

  7. DS

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    yea sammie thanks for typing it all out...
    yes I liked this movie...
  8. over9five

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    A really good movie.

    "I'm just trying to go home"
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    And, 80% of these taxes are taken from you with after tax dollars. You can deduct about 20% of these taxes from your income tax to reduce your income tax liability. They do that to make you feel like you are getting something back.
    Just think what the tax liability will be when it includes national healthcare. I guess DS should be the one to answer that.
  10. DS

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