I just got hired for UPS and have a few questions?

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    1) How does the training policy/process work? How much time do they give you?

    2) What to wear?

    3) How hard is the job physically? ..compare it to something, for example a marathon.
    I will be a loader. Note: I'm 6'1, weigh about 280lbs. I lift heavy weights on a regular basis. I'm not active, active. But im not a couch potato

    4) I was told I can earn an extra dollar per hr for passing a zip codes test, how difficult is it?

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    This is my first post, but I think I can help you out. I've been loading for ~6 months now. I'm going to assume you're talking about loading semi trailers (feeders). All the info I'm giving you is based on my experience working from Columbus, OH, so it may be a bit different where you will be working.

    1) Training is 9 days. The first five are in the classroom. On the second week you will be trained in your actual work area. During this time you will have a trainer with you showing you the ropes. Be sure to ask questions if anything confuses you. Those 9 days go by quick and soon you will be on your own!

    2) Wear what is comfortable, there's no dress code when you work inside the building. Right now it's getting warmer out so I wear shorts and a t-shirt. You will definitely sweat a lot, so bring plenty of water.

    3) Physically, the job is pretty demanding. When I was first hired as a seasonal worker I was completely exhausted every night for a few weeks, and I wasn't even loading. After peak was over and I was 'rehired' I started to actually load trailers. My body got used to the heavy and constant lifting and now it's not really a problem for me.

    4) That extra dollar is earned by becoming a 'skilled' worker. Basically, you have two options to earn that extra dollar:

    Sorting: Learn the sort of the entire building. You have to know which belt every package goes to. The hardest part about the sort test (at least for me) is learning the zip codes for your actual state. Sorting out of state packages is usually much easier because they don't have as many exceptions as the in-state packages. I'll give you an example:

    In my hub, the Ohio zip code beginning with 431 is spread out across 5 different belts. You need to be careful when taking the sort test because if you're off by even one number you could potentially send the package to the wrong belt, and cause a potential misload (a big No-No).

    Pick-off: A pick-off is a person responsible for further sorting the packages on his/ her respective belt. They need to know the sort for their entire belt. This is much easier than memorizing the sort for the entire building. But don't get me wrong, this job can really suck. You are dealing with thousands of packages each night and need to be able to quickly read them and know which chute they go into.

    Both the sort and pick-off test are completely computerized. You are given a fake UPS label and are then asked where it gets sorted. Ask your supervisor for a sort test study packet if you're serious about learning it.

    Some of the information I gave you might be hard to understand for someone who hasn't worked at UPS yet, but I did my best to help you out. Where are you going to be working at?
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    5) Have thick skin
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    5 days in a classroom to teach them heavy on bottom light on top?
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    Thanks, your answer was perfect and clear.
  6. Be strong, stand your grounds it's going to be tuff. Just remember one thing they will tell you your always wrong, just take notes on everything you see them do date it, and keep by your computer so you wont forget to do it. I have been doing this for years and I have a alot of info on them....
    It's sad I have to do this but they started it, so I am just playing there GAME.
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    drink plenty of water

    fat guys struggle a bit till they drop some poundage
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    He's not fat, he's big-boned!
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    All that comes after you gain seniority ... until then, work hard and don't give 'em no lip. :wink2:
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    And be prepared to have a good cry at some point.