I just need help because I just got an interview for package handling?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by papo51490, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. papo51490

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    I just need help because I just got an interview for package handling?If anybody can tell me the pros and cons? And if theirs a bad chance of me getting hired because of my physically status.I'm 5'9" and weigh around 230? But i can carry a 80 pound box. I've been hearing that people in package handling fight a lot, i don't know if its true,I'm not really worried about it.Well my name is Luis and I'm 17,and I live in Miami,Fl,and currently a a senior in High School.:)
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    Being a minor might hurt your chances. UPS does hire 17 year olds, but at my building it doesn't happen often. Naturally it'll vary due to the local staffing needs and such.
    I've never seen any major fights in my building, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. I am sure if someone got in a fight with you, you did something to deserve it!
    Your size shouldn't be a problem as long as you have the endurance to load or unload trailers 4 hours a night.

    PROS- Great benefits, many facilities offer reimbursement for college. Gets you in shape. Doesn't require much thought.
    CONS- Low pay, management can be irritating, especially to newbies, gets very hot in the summer (especially in Miami!), very physically challenging until you get used to it (a month, give or take)

    If you want a tough, physical job that will get you in better shape, go for it. You won't be handling 80 lb boxes all night, most are much lighter. Once you're there for a while, you've found your right pace, it's not so bad. Just pace yourself and do the best you can.
    It's a 5 day a week job and you'll be expected to be there every night. If you are hired, be there everyday on time, and try to have a good attitude. I won't lie it can be stressful, especially if you're hired as a loader. But just don't take anything personal, roll with the punches and you'll do fine. And never take anything management says or does personally.
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    If you are a quitter then this isn't the job for you. In the beginning the money is horrible but it's a part time job that give you health insurance for free. Well the accounting office may seem to think differently because they have to pay for you to be insured so think of the starting pay add say 2 dollars more to it to cover to cost of getting you insured. And coming from my dentist he says its be best insurance he has ever seen and also my eye doctors says the same when i go for my annual check up. So you'll get the benefits but they will work you hard for it EVERY night so if you welling to put yourself out there and work like a horse it's worth it. But safe when you go out there because there several ways you can get yourself hurt. But I'd recommend this job for anyone that is willing to get dirty and looking for job security, steady paycheck, and insurance.
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    I was hired when I was 17. Almost 19 now, will have lots of seniority by the time im ready to drive.

    It is really hot while unloading this time of the year. On my second trailer unloading today I couldnt take it anymore and told my supe I need to go cool down, he let me goto the break area for 5 mins and gave me a cold water and then I got back to work. Dont be afraid to tell a supe you're feeling like you're about to pass out.

    When you feel like you're gonna pass out: You'll start feeling weak and will be careless, your hands will shake and your arms will feel cold and you'll drop every box you pick up.

    Since I'm your age and live in FL feel free to PM me.
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    Well thanks to everybody for the help,Well my interview for some reason is for the night shift,which is at 10:45pm,well im ready.Just one more thing i can only work the night shift until school starts which is in like 2 or 3 weeks,so i dont know what to do?
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    Is there a shift that works with your school schedule? If they do not have a better shift for your needs then I would recommend that you finish school and think about UPS later. I am not sure about your potential building but in mine we can't change shifts for 6 months. You don't want to work all night and then fall asleep in school?:tongue_sm Good luck to you!