I know that for all of you this is second nature,



In the past 3 weeks we have had 2 very serious accidents, and in the last 2 months, 3.

The first lost control of a 700 (had written up the tires, and they were scheduled to be replaced the next day) during a rain shower and swapped ends several times coming to rest on its side.

The second one locked up his car stoping for a motorist that had squealed to a stop. His front end went about one foot over the yellow line, and a car comming the other way over reacted. She went up a guy wire and overturned the car. She and a child were unhurt because they were belted in.

The last this past friday night. Or driver was heading in, when a car in the other lane swerved to keep from rearending a car in her lane, and came into our lane head on. HAd he not been belted in, he would have went through the windshield. Her windshield was directly under the headlights of our car. She and her son were belted in, and had to be cut out. But both, even though hurt some, will survive.

Guys, In our last two JHA's there were several drivers that drove around the building without the belts on. If they do that, bets are they do it out on road too.

Dont be one of them! Buckle up. Its the law, its the rule, and its the right thing to do.