I made it!

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  1. I had to re-register cause I forgot my old username and password. I was active last November in the forum with my numerous questions about driving these monsters in the snow. After a few well planned "call outs" and white knuckle days. I made it. Now Im sitting home pondering a part time job because Im laid off dueto being at the bottom of the ladder. Even though Ive been part time for 6 years. I guess that means squat. I guess now is the best time than any to move like Ive always wanted. Mine as well be at the bottom of a list in a better center, with less snow.
    Thanks for all the advise guys!
    You will hear from me more often.
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    Congrats!!! Don't forget if you are laid off for more than 5 days, you can return to pre-load,local-sort, twi-light, etc and receive your guaranteed 8 hours.
  3. I've been on preload for 5 years before I went out to be a driver.
    I am working preload again now. But I only average 20 hours a week.
    Summer rush is on the way, I have the feeling Ill be used everyday here soon. Plus you gotta love them mornings when you work a preload shift then they ask you to drive. Overtime kicks in at noon. :w00t: