I need help with a driver release procedure

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    I need help with a driver release procedure. I was told by my sup on a ojs ride that if you see the customer coming to the door you wave and place pkg down and walk away. Well onetime I was delivering to a house were a elderly lady lives and I always hand delivery the pkg to her . The sup told me not to do it again just wave and leave the pkg . I told him he was heartless. Can anyone tell me the correct procedure Thanks
  2. Monkey Butt

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    Hand package to her and MC.
  3. Cementups

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    hand deliver and MC woman. Your sup is a jerk.

    OVERBOARD Active Member

    Yes he is.. He told me I have only 4 secs to make the dr and its UPS procedure for DR
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    it is a dr, even when you hand the package to the woman...the thing that everyone needs to remember, and it's something that is often forgotten, that the last letter in ups is service, and part of that service is handing the package to elderly customers who would have trouble picking it up. If the package is heavy, you should ask the person if you could set it down inside for them. I have a blind woman on my route that would never find a package if it's left by the door, unless she trips over it.

    The bottom line is service.

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    MY sup told me he does not care and I said I would like see the policy, His response was " to work as directed "
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    very good friends with my center manager. she said service is key, take care of the elderly an she wish's that your sup worked for her....... he would change his tune or change jobs... i was lol sorry dusty my comments were for overboard
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    There is no way your supervisor is going to do anything to you for waiting for an old person to come to the door. He probably only rides with you once a year. Remember, you are UPS, not your supervisor. You need to conduct yourself by the highest standards of service on a daily basis.

    As a customer of mine would say, with reference to your sup's attitude, "****** em, feed em fishheads"
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    UPS has an "open door" policy with regards to talking with management. If your supervisor and/or center manager are going to push this, I would do an end run around them and take it up with the division manager. Don't know how feasible this is for you, but I work in a large hub and see the DM every day. Surely you can find out how to contact him if he isn't in your location. I would continue to hand the customer the package, it's not as if you do this at every stop, right? I would grieve it if they tried to discipline me for it.

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    N0 i do not do it everytime but if i see customer coming to the door most of the time I will hand them the pkg. As far as going to the dm my opinion is he will aside with the sup and then i will have to deal w a :censored2: off sup

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    I guess when my center manager brings me to the office for my ojs review I will mention the new procedure and if he agree's. I will have to follow or face discipline for not producing the same numbers as my ojs.
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    Correct procedure is to walk until you are 5 feet from the door. Toss the package to the bottom of the door. Turn around and leave.
  13. Baba gounj

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    I hold doors open for women and the elderly.
    It was something taught to me at an early age.
    Its called being respectful.
  14. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Sound like that sup was worried about his numbers for that day. Pathetic.

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    I said the same exact words and "I guess you don't go to church" His answer was "no i do not"

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    The sup also wants me to step out in traffic to get the cars to stop. I inform him that you do not know who is driving it could be some illegal immigrant with out a license or a elderly driver . He said well if you get hit you could always sue them.
  17. dilligaf

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    Darlin, tell your sup to put his words in writing and sign it. Then tell him, when he fires you for providing service to the customer, especially the elderly, you will produce the letter to the panel just to show them what an ass he is. Until you are actually fired, please continue to provide the service to the customer (who has earned it) and not to your sup(who has not earned it).
  18. faded jeans

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    Do the right thing. Always.
  19. NHDRVR

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    You hand the pkg. to the customer. Every time.

    If your Sup. wants to pursue this further. Politely go over his head. All you have to do is mention customer service to whoever is listening and the problem will go away.

    Stick to your guns.
  20. 65Goat

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    I think you should get this in writing too. This person is taking the sup role way too seriously. They are, after all, just a bunch of mindless puppets.