I need help with DIAD.

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Andrew Wahlquist, Jan 13, 2007.

  1. Hey there all you out there
    I am a new driver in trainning, and am eager to learn how to operate the DIAD. We started working on the computer program in class, and I'm currious whether I can find this program online or can get access to this program else where so that I can be at my best. If any body knows anything it would be most appreciated.
  2. tieguy

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    While your attitude is positive and should be appreciated by all what you are attempting to do is a serious violation of union doctrine. The union dispises people who try to better theirselves on their own time and will try to get you fired for doing so. Be carefull.
  3. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Practice with the customer counter board. That is the best way to get extra time on it.
  4. trickpony1

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    That's your opinion and is somewhat biased.
    In 29 years I have never heard a union doctrine to this effect.
    Try again........
  5. DS

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    Tie,surely you are exaggerating the unions clout.
    The kid just wants to know how to use the diad.
    Andrew,there is no instruction manual for it.There are different versions of the diad.You most likely are using diad 4.
    They will not send you out blind.You will probobly have a ride
    along supervisor with you for 3 days before you are on your own.Not to worry,you will master it in less than a month.
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    The DIAD is simple to use. You didn't say if you were on DIAD 3 or 4, or if your Center is on PAS/EDD. I missed the training for DIAD 4, I had to go out blind and figure it out myself. You should be able to learn it in a few days, the shortcuts will come later. The Escape and Override Keys are crucial, you have to have it in the correct mode to complete the stop. You just have to play with it a little bit to get used to it. The Shift Key on DIAD 4 is the biggest problem, pay attention to if you are in the Alpha or Numeric Mode.:thumbup1:
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    Damn thing beeps sometimes when you make a mistake.
  8. DS

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    Do you want to punch out? Y/N
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    Ask your OMS to set you up with a DIAD CBT
    There is actually some very good training materials, your center team has a copy of it or they can print it from the DIAD site for you
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    There's a valuable lesson in this post for you Andrew! There's an old saying at UPS and it goes like this - "How can you tell when your supervisor is lying to you? Answer: His/Her lips are moving." (Or as in this case, his fingers are moving.)
  11. Thanks For all the advice.
    As for the version of DIAD that we are learning on. I believe it is four. I'm not sure though, because all I have been exposed to is the computer simulation. THe sim is very learning friendly, becuase it only allows you to go where your supposed to go. All an all it's abit intimidating, seeing as though it takes me about 3mins to figure out which button I need to push in the assigned tasks. The program will only let you push the right button to accomplish the task. I can't imagine how long it would take me (not to mention how lost I would be in the DIAD) to deliver a package. I can just see myself at the customer's door fumbling around to get a signature all the while they're thinking it's freezing out here when's this guy going to let me close the door and stop heating the front poarch.:glare:
    As for the Union comment. If you knew me you would understand, it takes me the extra effort just to be mediocre.:confused:1 Our instructor told us that only 40% of new drivers make it through the first month, so naturally I want to work harder to make sure I don't fall into that 60% that fall behind. I have too much riding on this new job opportunity.
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    Dont worry, let the supervisor do his/her job and let them train you. They get paid very good money for you to learn that device.Oh and btw, they are going to pay you to learn it also. Why spend your own time trying to learn it, then getting layed off for 2 months then rehired then layed off again, you will see how that goes. UPS management wouldnt want you to work without getting paid (humor).
    PS hang in there
  13. tieguy

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    What ? No comment chastising the guy for being a suck up, a company stooge a victim of management. Geez Trick you're getting soft:thumbup1:
  14. What do you mean laid off for a month, then rehired a month latter?
  15. who cares

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    You ask what do you mean laid off?? Get used to it; I have been at the bottom as a driver for 15 months. You call in every morning and ask am I employed today? He/she responds yes or no, if answer is no, I say ok I'll hang till 8:30 then I'm gone for the day. You may only get 1 day a week in some times. If want you can always bump into preload or local sort on the days you are laid off; you have that right after you get your 30 days in 90 and make senority. Hang in there and learn all you can from other drivers on the areas you will be covering. They have a weath of knowledge. Also put together a binder with maps of every area covered out of your center, keep this in your back pack. You will be glad when you start running split car. Good luck!!
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    WOW!!!!! Sounds like the little lady.....She does the same thing:w00t:
  17. SO how long does it generally take for someone to get fulltime hours?
    Another question I got is whether they give you any more time to get better at driving the package car before they give you the final test? When I took the first test I was abit scetchy on the package car. Frankley I think the tester let me off easy. Although that would just come back to bite him in the butt latter on, so I don't know why he would be willing to do that.
  18. tieguy

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    This is the part where trickpony would tell you to stick it up the bosses but and tell him you're doing the best you can.

    You keep working at the skills and methods of the job, show your boss the same concern you showed here and you will be fine.
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    I am a TSC critical help desk technician. If you have any questions about diads, I or one of my superiors will have the answer. Email me at [email protected] and I will answer whatever it is you're looking for. Don't do the research for UPS though, do it for yourself...UPS is just reaping the benefit of you knowing how to fix DIAD problems unless you learn from it. Learn about the wireless and cellular technologies for other things besides UPS.
  20. Devilsfan666

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    I assume you're being hired as a "casual". In that case you have no guarantee of a job - you are dirt. You must be hired as "fulltime permanent employee" to have any future with the company. That's the ugly truth. Once you are hired fulltime, you must work 30 working days to "make book". Then you are in and assured 40 hours a week. Just do your best and demonstrate that you are an individual that is beneficial to UPS. Your eagerness to learn the DIAD as quickly as possible is great, but more importantly, what you need to focus on is what you'll be going through on a day to day basis. This job is not easy and there is a reason most people can't do it. Be yourself and be ready to deal with mental and physical stress. If you can hack it and actually get a good amount of work done in a day your manager should be able to find something for you in the longterm. Good luck and stay safe.