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    I am a wife of a wrongly fired UPS "Partner", I have personal UPS experience, I have been lurking here and I have finally decided to post. I am so angry over this situation that it has literally made me ill. But justice shall come, one way or another and then I can go on with my life.

    My man was singled out several years ago for calling attention to an area that UPS was, shall I say, having some "indiscretion" about increasing revenue. He was hounded ever since, particularly by center, division and regional mgt.
    Since his firing many, many hourly employees have called our home to check in or wish him well, none can believe what has happened to him. Some of those employees it seems, have been punished for this.

    I am still in shock and it has been quite a while since this unfortunate event. It is true (I almost bought into it in the 80's), that UPS brainwashes management into thinking that they are set for life, that the sacrifice of 16-17 hour long days year after year, will all be worth it, all for the "Partnership." It is sad that corrupt management have allowed for this injustice. They extinguished someone who actually was against the "us against them" attitude, who tried to be honest and stand up for what was right, who had integrity. I hope UPS management reads this, pauses and maybe somewhere finds a cell of humanity out of the evil that lurks inside some of them. Think about how you are playing with life, it is like playing with fire and you just might get burned.
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    Many share your situation as victims of the brown empire. Please have your husband contact Victims if UPS a new support group that wishes to reform ups. (Deleted by webmaster for soliciting)
    Good luck,please remember venting is good but joining other victims from both hourly and management to make ups pay the price for their reprehensinble conduct is better. This will aLSO discourage ups from victimizing others.
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    Looks like another case of brainsharing.

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    Drooler is sharing his brain with me...great, knowledge is power.

    I am interested to read how folks will respond to my individual, personal plight. As I posted, I have a history with UPS, from PT ranks to FT and it afforded me an opportunity to work my way from highschool to graduate school. That is why I feel so burned with what has happened to our family. I really did think that brown was always going to be there for us as long as we (he)sacrificed and as long as we did the right thing.

    The bashing on this site is very interesting. I guess I was just looking for solace. A different viewpoint, perhaps? Poor judgement on my part regarding the intelligence of the participants.
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    firedupswife ... you're a little vague about why your husband was fired. You say he was singled out years ago for not meeting revenue goals? Are you trying to say that is why he was fired now??
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    Sorry for the ambiguity,I have to keep it that way...for now. Ultimately he was fired for pushing an issue that related directly to revenue. UPS may have a different take, to protect themselves. "Knowledge bears responsibilty" is now my new mantra and time will tell who is responsible.
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    firedupswife ... you can keep it vague for whatever reason you'd like. I've been around for a long time and I've seen management people fired, but, in every case the only management people I've seen fired were for dishonesty. Dishonesty could be stealing, dishonesty could be falsifying expense accounts and dishonesty can be falsifying numbers. I have never seen a management person fired for not meeting goals, but, I have seen them fired for falisfying information so that they didn't have to explain why they didn't meet goals. What happened, and what your husband told you happened, could be two very different things.
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    Again, sorry that you can't have the facts. Let me make myself clear, absolutely no dishonesty in regards to his/our situation. End of story.

    It is rare that a partner is terminated. I have personally witnessed partners under the influence of illicit drugs, drunk and other outrageous indiscretions, in the hub, none were terminated. As long as you give 110% you will be protected. Oh yeah, you will not be protected if you question Brown's business practices. That doesn't fit in the big boys club, integrity, that is.

    BTW, thanks for the clarification on what dishonesty is. You forgot to include a center, division or region mangers intent on protecting his next promotion, at all costs.

    "Knowledge bears responsiblity"...that has to haunt a few.

    Sm, thanks for your input, you must be a partner to have intimate knowledge of the hiring and firing of management.

    I guess I have done a poor job of relaying the shock of it all. I don't want to inflame, I want to vent. Wrong forum?
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    Fired ups wife. Please have your husband contact Victims of UPS at (deleted by the webmaster for soliciting). WE can halp you make ups pay for thier reprehensible conduct. It's good to vent ,but better to feel good about taking action that deters ups from makimg others unjust victims. May the spirit of jesus christ be with you in these trying times of being the victims of the evil brown empire.
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    I'm kinda scared now. I think I made a tremendous mistake, an error in judgement.
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    what actions has your husband take to fight the wrong doing? He still has the EDR process where he could fight the termination all the way up to an impartial arbitrator. If what you say is true then he could present all his facts in front of this arbitrator.
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    I wouldn't waste a lot of time on this thread. The "saint" and his/her god can take care of the "problem".

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    fired, if you haven't noticed this place is
    way left or way right, not too much middle ground.
    Like you said you almost bought the package your
    self. I think if you read between the line in the first posting it tell's the story.

    Most of us have had to watch our back for so long
    we get confussed when the truth smack's us in the face.

    Good luck to you and your family.
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    In my 20+ years I have seen many management people come and go. If they go via termination, there is a good reason. I've seen management that I thought were good people mysteriously disappear, then when the real story comes out (and it usually always does), we all understand why UPS terminated them.

    Wife - if people are calling your house sharing their disappointment, is it possible they don't know the "whole story?" I know you are standing by your husband, and we all have to admire that, but there just has to be more to this story.

    By the way, don't listen to Saintteamo....."it" is only a virus that infects this site! [​IMG]
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    Too much at stake to use the arbitration process. We were counting on the full retirement package, that is why I have put up with the long hours all these years and the idiotic personality deficits/disorders that many upper level management possess. Oh sure, HR practically begged us to go that route, once they got the full scoop. Nope, on to bigger, better and more powerful avenues. "Knowledge bears responsiblity..."

    I am in pain right now and perhaps it sounds as though I am compeletely bashing UPS. I am not. I repeat, UPS has helped me establish a great work ethic that I am proud of. I have witnessed center and division level management with awesome leadership qualities, that one would move mountains for...what happen to those guys?

    What happen to our promise? How could this happen to us as a "partner?" I have been so naive. Ultimately, I know it was that innocence that brought trouble. It is all so surreal. This must be what a nasty divorce feels like.

    My best advice for mangement and hourly alike: Keep a "Mad Dog Log." Document anything and everything, trust no one. Document the accolades and of course the negative. Don't be stupid like we were and think that if you always do the right thing you will be protected. I thought Brown was our second family, at best my husbands other wife that he dedicated so much of his precious time to. Protect yourselves.

    Vengence, justice shall take care of that. But I sometimes wish I could impose the unbearable angst
    that I have dealt with onto the wives of 3 or 4 of the upper management that targeted my family. Then I realize that they are married to these small minded, eggocentric individuals...that is enough misery.
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    One would never know the "whole story" unless they were one of the direct players involved. It sounds as though you better be keeping a Mad Dog Log yourself...if you aren't retired already?

    Do you actually think that UPS would recant all their misdeeds and indiscretions. Wise up. He questioned were $$$ was coming from...you can't do that and not take a hit. You might as well paint a bullseye on your back.

    Please, do I sound ignorant? I only stand behind what I now is true. With critical analysis of this awful event, I have surgically studied the facts. UPS made a mistake. And I think they thought we were going away quietly, tails between our legs. Not gonna happen...too may years of too many long hours to the "partnership."

    I stand behind nothing, no one, but the truth.
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    <font color="ff0000">Good luck wife.....it's just the corporate way ya know. How many years now have we taken any type of teaching about morality and character out of our schools and university's....there are no longer any moral absolute's, therefore, no higher authority to answer to for any of our actions. Now, all of these highly educated fools are climbing there way up the corporate ladders of corporations all over the country/world...i.e. Enron, worldcom. The big wigs at ups have just done a better job of covering there tracks, and haven't been caught yet,(maybe). Your situation just confirm's for me the very reason I'll retire a driver...once you put that noose/tie on, they own you.</font>
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    When the inital incident occurred several years ago, I was the one without character, without morals. I read my husband the riot act over and over again. "Keep your eyes, ears and mouth shut, just let it go," I pleaded with him. I was only concerned about feeding our family and paying the mortgage. Where was my character?

    I was angry that he pushed the issue. And worried. But he would passionately tell me that he was a partner, that Brown would always stand behind the right side. Ha! Painful lesson learned. He vehemently explained that he "signed up" with a company that always took the higher ground, that UPS was synonymous with integrity.

    Now I am proud that he took the position that he did. He is a good man. Life has been excruciating since but the positive out of this awful mess is that I respect him more than ever. Too bad UPS lost him, no raped him, no raped our family. They stole a lot of faith and a lot of dreams...

    Maybe you are right, sadly, stay a driver, do your job and get out. I used to see UPS for all the wonderul opportunites it offered. My rose colored glasses are off. Now when I think of Brown, I don't think of trucks...it all stinks.
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    "Raped our family" ? That's pretty over the top. You say this incident happened several years ago, and this IS an anonymous board, so why not some details of this alleged rape?

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    Drooler: Sometimes when you hear a story over and over again, you will begin to believe it is true. It's like the Santa Claus or Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy stories. We won't get details about this.....because they will reveal UPS reasoning behind a termination. Oh, wait a minute, I'm a brainwashed hourly.

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