I opened my big mouth to the wrong person!!!!!!!!!

Joe Blow

C Y A--- Cover Your Ass! The unwritten rule at UPS. Your steward is a coward and I would be hard pressed to trust him in the future. You made waves by making this statement-- probably not a good idea, however if the sup was doing teamster work a grievence could be in order. Your steward should have stood by you but it appears he hung you out to dry!
Don't give up on the union. Yes there are many shortcomings and there is a political structure thats strangling the union. However it's better then nothing. I've seen many management jerks come and go over the last 20 years and the union was there for me a few times when I needed them. There is a heirarchy in the union. Remember that if you don't get satisfaction, take it to the next level.
Good Luck!