I opened my big mouth to the wrong person!!!!!!!!!


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I worked on a saturday its volunteer all overtime, my sup was wearing flip flops and operating a forklift. well i opened my big mouth and mentioned it to my shop steward (I honestly didnt see this coming) he called the union So my sups boss calls him and gives him the riot act. So sup thinks its me who called the union because it was just me and one other guy working the dock that day and that other guy was out on the road. So sup just gave me a real hard time on monday. My shop steward just went along with letting my sup think it was me who called union, so we had meeting and i told my sup it wasnt me who called and he said well it was either you or shop steward. So after meeting shop steward comes out and starts screaming in my face that i threw him under the bus. Then shop steward drives to union hall to tell on me that i went against the "sacred oath" now union prez is gonna come down and give me the what for along with shop steward. Im never saying nothing ever again i learned my lesson. So i have only been in the union about a year and i was all for it but now im not so sure, i mean is this all it is, is intimidation? And why do i even care im so sick of what has happnned to our facility since we went union. Also can the union people like hit me or burn my house down? im just unsure because this one union guy always mentions the death stare, do i even have to take part in this meeting what if i say no then what will happen to me??


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Go in with an innocent smile and tell them you were concerned for his feet, not wanting to start trouble but truly concerned for his safety.

You feel just terrible that everyone is upset but you practiced good teamwork and were just trying to help the safety numbers. What can they say? :) If they don't like it, to hell with them. dw


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Should have just said yea you did it and then move on. Who care's what the sup say's. You did the right thing by letting your steward know, but you shouldn't thrown him under the bus. Big mistake!!!


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"So i have only been in the union about a year and i was all for it but now im not so sure, i mean is this all it is, is intimidation"

You must be a rookie or worked for Overnite frieght.

Anyway,(if what you posted is true)sounds like your shop steward is a big :censored2:. Thats what he's there for. Sups' shouldn't being doing any hourly work(espiecially with flip flops). And tell your union prez to recruit somebody who will enforce the contract, and not coware behind a rookie employee. Don't forget, the Union works for YOU. Maybe your Union hall needs to be reminded of that.


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I apologize if this is the dumbest post ever? or if someone wasted their time reading it, but it blew up into this big issue. And i just thought i could come here and vent and yes i am a rookie and wishing my company would of never been bought out by ups. So from now on mind my own business say nothing to know one get my paycheck and go home is my policy.


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You shouldn't roll over just because people become emotional toward you. From what I read, you did the right thing. You need to keep doing the right thing. You're helping out everyone by trying to maintain a safe work environment. Keep doing that. :thumbup1:

Just watch out for the mafia. :lol:


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:mad: You did the right thing, don't let that :censored2:ing dip:censored2: of a steward try and intimadate you. He should have the balls to admit to your sup that it was he who made the call. You did what you were supposed to do, as for the the pres of the union local, he sounds like another idiot. Stand up for your rights, they work for you not the other way round.


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I just wonder how this might affect his career in general. Maybe some of the folks with some tremendous experience and great track records can provide some helpful suggestions (as some already have). Are his fears of retaliation valid? If so, what can he do? Once word spreads, how will others view him? What can he do to build ally's and avoid confrontation?

I can understand his concerns...I'm always getting in trouble for my opinions :)


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Be careful, a driver at our center did that same thing awhile back and all his pets ended up getting killed 1 by 1. He then disappeared and has not been heard from in 4 yrs. If I were you I would apologize and start looking for another job. LMAO!!!!! Sorry , I just had to respond.


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First of all, cover your butt and be the best employee on your crew. Don't do anything that you could be fired over.

Secondly, your shop steward is the one who blew the whistle, so he should take full responsibility for what he did.

Third, if we are going to be this nit-picky whenever there is work to be done, kiss our jobs and the union goodbye. This country wasn't built by people who had to worry about every move they made and who might be offended by it. If the union was so concerned about what happened at UPS, they might show up once in awhile and find out. They get real tough around contract time then sit on their laurels for the next four or five years.


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Wizard, you should also know that some of the responses on this board are a bit rough. When I first got on here, I use to get angry but then I realized it wasn't that big a deal. There is one person on here who intentionally tries to tick people off. It is more funny than anything else once you realize you shouldn't take it seriously. Plus, there are some really friendly and helpful people on the board. You shouldn't let this influence your perceptions of brown cafe or of UPS.


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rent "Goodfella" and pause the part when jimmy the gent put his arm around young henry Hill and said " I'm not mad, I'm proud of you. You took your first pinch like a man and you learn two great things in your life. Never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut."


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I can not believe some of the threads here. I am a steward and I would have told the sup that I called if it was questioned. For your steward to imply that you should lie to your sup, which at UPS is a cardinal sin, he needs to be replaced. If the president of your local does not feel that your steward dropped the ball, then he is not doing his job. You did not throw anyone under the bus. You were the only person present during this incident, you reported it to your steward. That should be the end of it. For you to fear any retaliation from your local, is unacceptable.