I passed the driver test, and the DOT physical; now what?

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    So yesterday, I successfully completed and passed the driver test (using a 4spd truck with no power brakes or steering) and was then sent downtown to take my DOT physical, again, everything checked out well and I was told that by the doctor and the examiner's.

    Yay me!! :happy-very:

    Upon return, the person in HR (Larry) told me to go home that night, and to finish the application process online; although when I got home, it looks like Larry forgot to send me the "invite" to finish the application. He's taking a week vacation, and it started this morning, and now I'm worried that he'll think I lost interest in the job.

    What can I do to get this "invite" sent to me so that I can fill out the remainder of the application while he's out of the office?

    It looks like I need to fill out the following fields:

    General Information

    Military Service


    Employment History

    Driver And Mechanic Supplement

    Voluntary Self Disclosure (v 2.0)

    Acknowledgement of PEAK Season Hiring Policy

    Background Check Authorization

    Application Agreement

    I am really excited about starting a career with UPS as a feeder driver and have high aspirations of becoming a full time employee and starting a great career.

    Any insight as to what I can do would be very helpful, and greatly appreciated.


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    Larry sucks, just sayin....
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    I don't mind if Larry sucks, lol, I just want to make sure that I can start work ASAP, I was just laid off last week and would really like to get back to work immediately; I hate feeling like I'm not doing anything, ya know?
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    If Larry is the human resources supervisor, then he has underlings that do stuff for him. They are there when he is not. See if you can make contact with one of them. Hopefully larry gave you his phone number . Leave a voicemail , because he probably won't answer. Hopefully, he is checking periodically.

    If none of this proves successful, a visit to Human Resources to talk to someone else there might get the "invite" you need to complete the application.

    Obviously as you know, New Haven, Conn might get hit hard by the hurricane, so you might be a verrrrry small priority come Monday.
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    So just to be clear.. You are NOT a Panda?