I Stumped My FT Sup!

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    Before I get into my glory, I just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and may the best happen for all of you!

    Well, it's quite amusing for me and my buddy, but I'm sure some may differ. I put 6 hours in tonight which is cool because money is cool, but around 5.5 hours, I was honestly ready to leave, was just one of those nights. I figured since everyone else on my belt was still there, I might as well just hang around, I really had nothing else better to do. I would of just been home sitting online anyway. So some time passes, and I realize one of our guys isn't around. Turned out to be the guy who only has about 6 or 7 months seniority who is always looking to sneak away, or hang around the floor looking busy so our PT Sup can just tell him he can leave since he is the first one he sees. Now, I am not going to get into that whole story about how seniority isn't properly enforced, but turns out our FT Sup came around shortly after. Now I knew this guy left already, and I knew I have already been lingering almost 30 minutes after the fact, damn, now I'm blabbering, long story short I guess. I finally had enough of watching this guy leave before me a lot, so since she was there, I waited for her to make a statement about anything, and then I'm like " What I want to know is why guys with less seniority than me on this belt is leaving before me? " and I guess it was just the way I said it, or the way it was timed and came out, but she like....just stood there, and her cheeks flinched and flickered like she was about to say something but kept stopping herself because she had no clue what to say. So, about 5 more minutes went by, and she told me I could go. Now I guess this really isn't that amusing for any of you, but it sure made my night.
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    I thought it was generally accepted that part timers with higher seniority want more hours rather than less?
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    And here I thought you were going to say you gave him a square peg with a box of circle holes.
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    I stumped my center manager by asking him if he knew where my delivery area was.
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    cool story bro
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    The least seniority person should be sent home first. You could file a grievance if he got more hours than u.
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    It should be up to the person with the most senority that decides whats going to happen. Stay or go home, is up to that person of higher senority.

    That story brah, is a simple one. When you spend time yelling at them, making them look bad most of the night; day in and out because you know better then they do in all aspects of the job, then you can call yourself a badass.
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    No, usually they ask the highest seniority if they want to stay or leave.
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    Exactly, but my bldg is so retarded, seniority isn't respected anymore for the most part. I haven't even picked my vacation weeks for this year, because I heard nothing about it. Asked about it yesterday and apparently I got skipped completely. But, it's ok, because if someone with less seniority than me has my weeks. I just take them.
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    After you have been there long enough you will realize that all you have to do to stump any sup is ask them any question.
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    Well, so much for that " I'm an amputee with a nympho sup " story that the title implies.

    Seriously though it's easy to remember how seniority works:

    Ask from the top down, force from the bottom up.
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    Seniority was created for the sole purpose of earning potential. Being the first to be sent home is the antithesis of seniority.
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    Not "sent home". Given the first option if a day off is wanted.
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    ok. So, as the senior employee I wave my right to a higher earning potential and will allow a junior employee to earn more than me when I am the first out the door.

    Seniority prevails in all situations.
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    Depends on the contract. Some contracts have this language in them. In most contracts seniority gives you the right to work but it does not give u the right not to work. I don't want to go back and forth with anyone but my BA said this is exactly the correct wording at least for our local.
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    We do seem to be the two magnets always sticking together on this topic. I should learn to preface with " in our local".

    In our local, seniority prevails in all situations. Stay, go, day off, extra day, etc. P.s. you need a new BA.
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    I'm not saying anyone is right or wrong. Just stating that we tend to overlook the true aspect of why seniority was created.