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    ​So I work at CACH in Illinois, been there going on five years now..
    Im a loader.

    Well, I started out on day sort making next to nothing moneywise. So I decided to get another part time job to help with bills etc., Long story short in mid-summer my full-time supervisor had a part-time supervisor hide the time cards so I couldnt clock out at the end of my 5 hours and threatened me that if I left without clocking out it would be considered job abandonment and I would lose my job and benefits.

    So I stayed and worked as long as they would keep me. Subsequently I was fired from numerous other more monied positions elsewhere. About a month later the aforementioned part-time supervisor brought me to the side and asked me how I was doing moneywise.

    I told him the truth, I was in debt and late on a few bills. He said to me PT supervisors make 14.80 an hour and asked me if I wanted to be promoted. Of course I said yes but, he told me that in order to earn the promotion I would have to work for it and help him out. This seemed reasonable, Im not afraid of work so I agreed. The PT sup even gave me a date of when my classes for supervisor training would began (roughly 5 months away from the time this was happening).

    So over those 5 months I toiled and lost alot of sweat and blood. Management as always let 99% of the outbound leave at 3.5-4.5 hours and kept me and a few others around to "clean-up", which really means hold down 3-4 medium sized loads, wall-sweep bulk etc. It was back breaking work but I kept that date in my mind and used it as motivation to keep going.

    Well, the day the PT supervisor told me about eventually came around. It was a monday. I came in with a notebook and a pen eager to begin a new chapter of life at UPS only to find my FT gone and the PT sup on vacation. Not too much of a problem, Ill ask the person filling in for my FT where I should go for my classes. He looked at me kind of puzzled, "Im sorry man but there arent any classes going on right now. There must be some mistake." was what he said.

    Well it turns out I had been lied to and endured many months of doing way more than I would of ever done of my own accord for that place.

    I was raging inside but I kept my cool and even acted friendly with the lying SOB PT. Pretending that I didnt even remember the situation. Because lets face it, who am I going to tell? Management? I doubt the PT was smart enough to come up with this on his own. The Union? Yeah me trying to become a PT sup would elevate me to black sheep status in their eyes.

    Time went on, I moved on with my life and did what I could with what I had, but as the need for money grew I asked around which sort I could transfer to that would be more flexible about hours and 2nd jobs. People unanimously said sunrise sort. Which brings me to my current predicament,

    I had a verbal agreement with a past full-timer that I can leave after my 3.5 hours (roughly 8:30am) to go to my next job. This has gone on for about 6 months now. Now that full-timer was transferred and now my sneaky part-time sup decided to go to a higher level of management, I think an OB manager, and now all of a sudden I can't leave at 8:30 and have to stay atleast 5 because of peak season which isn't even here yet..

    Is there anything I can do? The agreement was never written down...(shame on me) but I do have 5-6 eyewitnesses who work on the same dock as me that would testify that this was a past practice.

    Im not a bitter man, Im not some sluff on disability every other couple of months. Im just someone who is tired of getting walked on and lied to.
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    A big hub like that has paper time cards?
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    -- There's procedures established to determine who gets to go home & who has to stay (short version: they ask higher seniority persons first ... if they decide to leave, you have to stay). If these procedures aren't being followed, talk to your union steward. If he can't resolve it, talk to your business agent. Note: blatantly ignoring the contract does not qualify as "past practice."

    -- Every year you receive a letter in the mail detailing the promotion procedure. Quite honestly, I don't feel sorry for you if you choose to ignore it and possibly made a fool out of yourself. Of course if you're interested in the job, it doesn't hurt to discuss it with your superiors, thus rendering your performance hardly worthless.

    -- Really doesn't make any sense that you'd give up better, high paying jobs in favor of UPS. Especially at CACH.
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    Sorry OP, I can't believe you fell for all that. Don't you ever talk to your co-workers? No one ever warned you about their "promises"?

    ​If their lips are moving....
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    You were played ....

    Guess you realize that now however.....
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    If there is a part of your shift that gets done earlier like the unload get assigned to it
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    1) As a pt with 5 years you should at least be near the middle of the board on seniority here. 2) PT sups are SALARIED at aprox 14.80 an hour for 27.5 hrs. When their Ft makes them work, or promises to get them made Ftimers by their mgr ( which you would never fall for, right?), the actual per hour wage becomes reduced. I've been at CACH since 96 and have known hundreds of pt sups. Unless your a ethnic female you should avoid becoming a pt sup like the plague as your chances of advancement are slim. 3) Staying/ leaving is done by seniority. Go by the office outer door and look and see where you are on the sheet. If someone junior to you is allowed to go/ stay when you want to go/ stay then file a grievance. 4) You violated the above by entering into your outside verbal contract with the Ftimers. It is also a violation to have entered into that agreement in the first place. 5) Many ptimers have second jobs. It's crap that they have to do so. I feel for you there. However it is on you to not schedule a second job that requires you to have to inconvienece the other job and vice versa. Each has its own business to run. P.s Bagels, bite me on the CACH comment. :)
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    Sorry guy, hope everything works out for the best.
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    you should have known not to trust management specially with 5 years on the job. i have seen them try too many tricks to get ppl to
    work harder/faster/longer. the worst part is alot of sups will throw you under the bus if :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: goes sideways. as for you trying to become a sup
    i understand you need the money but you have to understand becoming management comes with a higher risk of getting fired and alot
    more stress of making you rage or quit. i normally get a letter every year asking if i want to become a sup which i destroy but you should always
    be able to ask someone in management if you are trying to become a sup.
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    I wish I could get 5 hours every day.
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    I think the OP should call the Ethics hotline (Help line) and report the supervisors dishonesty.
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    motivational technique.
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    Does this surprise anyone? What else should we expect from a company thats so metrics driven that they'll tell drivers not to enter time under "sort and load" when we have to load our own trucks everyday because preload is never down at start time?
  15. over9five

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    Good point. You'd probably be helping him get a promotion!
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    Yep, sad to have two jobs. This is the reason why I think this job is only for 17-25 yr olds. I don't get why someone over 25 yrs old who want to work as a part timer getting 3-4 hours a day. They might as well give up on life. No offense.
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    RonBurgandy?????????? God is Great, beer is good , People are crazy.

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    I love posts where your ignorance becomes glaringly obvious. How about those of us who aren't young enough to still be on mommy's health insurance?? Do you have a clue as to how much i'd have to pay a week at a regular job for decent insurance? Say at least 50-60 dollars a week. For PTers with kids...more than double that figure. So, yeah i'll gladly load trucks for the NOTHING i pay a week for benefits and $10 co-pay to see a doctor.
  19. you aint even know it

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    I wasn't trying to come off as a big :censored2:. But health insurance shouldn't be a reason to stay at a low job. Let's just be honest here. The 50-60 dollars you would be paying at a job for health insurance (let's say an average job that pays around $380 a week) is still greater (better) than getting $120-$225 a week (from UPS). Oh, the $225 is only if you've been there for 20 yrs Lmwao!!
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    you aint even know it,

    I am surprised you aint even know it,

    No one should ever give up on life not matter what their age.

    No matter who you are or had bad you may feel never give up and never give in.

    Feel free to PM if you need to vent about anything you don't want on public forum.

    Life can be hard.