I thought UPS bought us out of this multi company plan??

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by P700slave, Mar 2, 2013.

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    What I got from this article is that the IBT wants the Central States Pension Fund to be able to lower its payments to make the money left in there last longer. It expects the new IBT/UPS Pension Fund to pay out more to make up the difference. I have 23 years in the original CS Plan, so it still owes me money. That buyout only meant that UPS and the Teamsters agreed to set up a different plan so that UPS would quit wasting money in a pension plan that is doomed no matter what. The newer plan just makes up the difference, and that is only until the end of this contract unless that is addressed.
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    Greetings P700slave....

    If you read carefully, you will see the only mention of UPS in the TDU article is :"UPS is a prominent member of the group, which also includes several pension funds, employer groups, and some unions".

    From the article, I believe that UPS employees whose pension is administered by the Central States Pension fund will not be affected .......at least until "Normal Retirement" age... which is 65-66 years old for many employees. All of this may change of course with the new contract. I'm sure that the new contract for employees under the Central States plan will once again be jointly administered as the UPS/IBT Plan... A full description of this plan is available in PDF format on the UPSers.com website. Once again...this will all change with the new contract.

    If you cannot locate the current SPD (Summary Plan Document) for the UPS/IBT jointly administered pension plan....I would be glad to upload it to BrownCafe....
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    What scratch says goes along with what I read in the current UPS SPD that is found on the UPSers.com web site. UPS makes up the difference "until" normal retirement age... (65/66)... What happens after that is what concerns me....
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    Guys, this brand new TDU bull crap news was out like 3 years ago! I know some hate when I show my distain for that communist paper, but, I just ask for you to read through that stuff with a fine tooth comb. Words like,
    "our belief" (meaning TDU's)
    "might be" (speculation)
    "If" (speculative)
    and so on.....Just be careful is all I'm saying while reading the rhetoric.

    Here is more info on the subject
    Check the date btw,
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    Just an observation ...
    I find it humorous that the Teamster stalwarts drink the kool-aid of the Teamsters.
    It reminds me of management defending UPS.
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    Your right Hoax...Us Teamsters can be sold out just like magement in a N.Y. second!..I don't trust either..Another good reason to save over 20 percent!
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    all i know Is that the tdu web site has info on the contract and pension that the ibt web site doesn't even put up im not saying it's the end all but the ibt is way behind on updates and before you trip on it i know that it's a long way to go till July 31 but i don't want to wait a week for what happened yesterday this is our lives were talking about anywhere you can get Intel to helpIan good try setting up a meeting with your locals pension person they come every Tuesday of the month where im at that way you'll get it straight from the horse mouth good luck
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    It's not that we drink the kool aid, that's left for managers who are force fed it. Remember, I never needed to change my personality for A companies belief structure. We (stewards and friends) just believe in real unionism. I don't agree with Hoff's every move, but Mr. hall made me a ton of cash in the last 2 contracts. I believe in him because of that. I'll always tell my people info when it's given to me, and it's usually weeks, months and sometimes years before other anti union sites. But here is the key, when I give information I don't add theories of negativity due to my own agenda for making money. That's where I have my issue. I just posted a report that was 3 years old on the OP subject. The information is out there folks. Start asking questions.

    Btw, I also believe that there is no Bigfoot, no Boogieman, I don't believe in ghosts, I believe there was only one person that killed Kennedy and I believe that TDU is a trying to divide us as members.
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    Re: tdu

    You must post under a lot of alias'. Or, we have had a rash of people who refuse to use punctuation.
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    punctuation and caps are evil
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    Re: tdu

    sorry all try harder to use better punctuation oh ya thats right i work 16 hours a day at two union jobs and have 15 years with the teamsters just new here and i guess spelling pretty important just looking for intel on the cortract and checking out whats going on all shut up now i guess thats why im not on face book and a truck driver