UPS's master strike plan???


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My son is a PT feeder dispatch/yard controller. The manager came in last week and told the PT sups in the office where their strike assignments would be if it went down. 2 were going to go to Louisiana, 1 was going to Tennessee, another was going somewhere I can't remember, and several were staying at the building to shift, etc.

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I beg to differ , I had to file a grievance on a pvd last year because I wasn’t working enough. Strange problem to have at ups. I was going out with under 8 and they won’t pay a guarantee, they wanted me doing punch to punch and I refused . Not gonna lighten me all week and screw me come Saturday either . Ups definitely planned ahead and hired a ton of pvd
I was saying dec 1st tongue in cheek, trying to inject humor which does not always come through on a discussion board.
Sucks they was shorting you on hours if I read correctly.

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I feel this has been planned by UPS. They want to greatly weaken the union. They planned way back at the beging of the year no supervision vacations all of August- They have been planning on just moving critical care packages only months ago if we strike. Sending more sups to driving class to help deliver. They plan on shutting off amazon pickups and others next week to reduce volume. We know amazon and UPS both hate the Teamsters and will work together. Plans are in place to consolidate centers (temp close down some) to make it easier to process less volume with fewer employees I wonder if our CEO is so out of touch with reality that she can just start up hiring people off the street like it;s Home Depot? Is she told by higher up's on what to do? Blackrock is a huge stock owner of UPS and about every industry out there. I think many hourly told their sups (this just gave ups false sense being reported up) they would work if a strike but in reality they wont so does she think most will cross? She promoted the better not bigger so will she drop certain services and concentrate on others? Dropping UPS freights was very very odd esp at a loss. Maybe SOB has them in the corner and they will agree Tuesday to everything. I just dont see it being they have been planning all year for this like no matter what they where going to go with their plan. I'd like to see what others think.
Didn’t OBrien campaign on making “UPS pay”? I felt like a vote for OB was a vote to strike. That was my impression during the Teamster campaign. I see posters and signs that say “PAY UP.” I think that this not coming to terms is a 2 way street.


It may not be about being replaced maybe they’re counting on people crossing after the second or third week. Also I’ve read about $575 a week in strike benefits, but nothing on how that will be paid out. In 97 what crap we got wasn’t paid out until after the strike was over and we had to go to the Union hall to get it. Didn’t get what little we were promised either.
Your BA must suck
Our brought the checks to the strike line


I think we will absolutely be on strike come 8/1. Just my opinion I don’t think UPS has any intention on meeting the unions demands on Tuesday. I think it’s all for show so they can say ,we tried. We made an offer and they didn’t accept it. I think the company has been planning for this for a long time. Whether that planning or how they execute will be successful who knows.

Buddy does a pickup at one of our biggest customers and they have UPS supervisors working at this location coordinating the outbound and inbound. Every day they work there, they don’t work at the UPS building. All three got told weeks ago their last day there will be 7-28. Back to the building and their assignments haven’t been decided yet. This strike is happening. The company has no intentions of making a deal IMO. Hope I’m wrong.

Both supes will be unloading