I took road test in terrible PC & flunked!

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Sid-in-brown, May 13, 2014.

  1. Sid-in-brown

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    Yea its pretty pathetic u know. I took the test this morning out in LIC & the examiner smiled at me & said "This is the worst pc we've got but if u can handle this, u can handle anything & UPS always start out newbies at the bottom of the totem pole. Good luck." He winked at me & I was on my way & it was damn awful I tell u. I didn't yield the stop sign quick enough so I lost points. I jumped a gear because the 1st gear & reverse were in the same area & I couldn't figure it out so I accidentally jumped into 3rd gear & the truck lurched BIG TIME & he got annoyed with that so more points.

    Then what really did me in was when I was at the stop light & he says "Control your vehicle." So I slapped on the e-brake but by that time the light turned green & I had to move & again the :censored2:ing confusion with 1st gear/reverse gear which almost identical so I accidentally hit reverse TWICE & he yelled "Move over! You're freaking me out right now!" He took the drivers seat & I failed right there.

    I spoke to another guy that took the test in the same :censored2:ty pc & he said he ignored the 1st gear because he admitted there was confusion between that & the reverse because its in the same area and shifting mode so u gotta know this pc REALLY GOOD not to mess that up so he just started in 2nd gear every time & moved into 3rd gear when appropriate then popped the gear into neutral at the light then back into 2nd gear again with a small lurch but he claims the examiner didn't seem to mind this & he PASSED with only 50 few points. I got 130 which is automatic failure. Should I have done what he did? Was he just lucky or have any other UPSers done the same when they had a junky pc with confusing gears? I need to know what to do for when I take the test again eventually.
  2. The methods say that you must never skip a gear when shifting up or down. I was taught to start in first, then shift to second a split second later. When you actually deliver in one you'll start in second unless you're on a hill or have a heavy load. How did you mistake first and reverse? All the cars I've driven have reverse forward and first is back.
  3. oldngray

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    On older package cars reverse can be almost anywhere. You have to be able to drive any shift patter. Was that driving test difficult? Probably so. Was it also fair? Of course it was.
  4. brownrod

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    Most of those old, crappy manuals you start in second. I wouldn't call that skipping a gear. You are starting in that gear. Skipping would be going from 2nd to 4th. or 1st to third. Those trucks are meant to start in second. You start in 1st when you are super heavy.
  5. redrooster

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    Before your next road test take a shot of whiskey, it will relax you and make you feel more confident.
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  6. cosmo1

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  7. twoeddies1

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    Wow that sucks. I think you have to wait a year now before you can take it again.
  8. superballs63

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    Gears 2 and 4 are not needed.
  9. stoliohranj

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    My building gave me the road test in the oldest and worst car they had also. But they let me drive it around the back lot for a few hours to learn how to drive it before the test.

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  10. joeboodog

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    Sounds like a POS 700 I once drove. Reverse was right next to first and was real easy hit while down shifting. I used to call that POS the Italian sports car....not because it drove nice but because it was always in the shop.
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  11. Sid-in-brown

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    That's what the other guy did. I guess he just figured it out since the pc was so beat-up & the 1st gear is the same shifting mode as reverse with the only difference with the shifting going a little bit harder than the other. ITS NOT EASY! Especially if u don't have that kind of experience with junky ass pc that I was given. I felt lousy afterwards but I didn't make any excuses except telling him I wish I could've figured out those 2 gears better. They threw me off but thanks anyway. I was very nice about it & I understood that they have to do this to qualify SERIOUS DRIVERS. The guy was cool other than that & said I can try again in 6 months, even sooner at another hub.
  12. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    Junk is what you'll have to drive. Your ability to adapt is what will seperate the men from the boys.
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  13. Sid-in-brown

    Sid-in-brown New Member

    I agree with u fully on that. I just started driving shift a few months ago & I'm pretty good at it but I used a standard Honda from a friend. The shifting pattern is easy. I had some trouble getting the pc going & the shifting pattern was not as simple & I couldn't handle it. I accept that. But I will try again because I'm a fighter & I wont make excuses for my shortcomings. I just work to improve.
  14. I just move the shifter around and just pray not to hit reverse.. Jay kayin we only have automatics
  15. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    Put your time in and you can look forward to testing your first high-low trans in a shizzy feeder tractor.
  16. rod

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    Unfortunately UPS's fleet of vehicles includes a lot of pieces of sh-t. For them to give you a test in a new one with power steering, power brakes and a smooth shifting automatic wouldn't be fair either. Your chances of getting one of those cream puffs is about slim and none when you first start driving. It sounds like you just need more practice driving a manual transmission.
  17. AKupser

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    OMG, high/low trannies are baby's play compared to the old 4 & 3, which is what I took my CDL driving test in 19 years ago! For all you newbies, a 4 & 3 has 2 gear shifts.
  18. joeboodog

    joeboodog good people drink good beer

    I've been a driver for 27 years and have had my route for 19 years and I have yet to have a new truck. It seems I get everyones hand me downs. Knowing my luck they will give my route a new car when I retire.
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  19. Wally

    Wally Hailing from Parts Unknown.

    Junk or not, you choked. Next time, you will do better.
  20. soberups

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    A fair test would have started out by letting him drive around the yard a couple of times in order to figure out the transmission and clutch before going out on the road.

    I took my test 27 years ago, in a 1959 P-400 with wooden shelves, manual steering and drum brakes that locked up every time you hit the pedal. The tester offered to let me run it around the yard first, but since I learned to drive in a 1967 F-100 with the same drivetrain as a package car, I didnt have a problem.
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