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    This is the attitude displayed by the majority of couriers at my station. They won't help out. God forbid if they would have to drive a block out of their area to deliver a pkg. I absolutely love the couriers that drive 700's giving up bulk stops to part timers that drive vans only to milk the day to get their 8 hrs. And don't get me started on the jokers that clock in an hour early to get the pkgs out of the cage and put on the rollers, a 10 minute job tops......Then the Senior MGR will have a meeting wanting to let EVERYBODY know they are doing a great job! What a joke. Fred should get rid of people in this company, the "IVE EARNED THE RIGHT PEOPLE" AKA THE "SLACKERS". Then he needs to reward the people that work hard for him and make him a super rich man....Nice dream, I know, but damn I am sick and tired of the people in this company that do a damn thing but get paid better and treated better than the ones that actually take pride in working hard....
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    Amen, we need some real world "performance Pay" initiative
    pay $X weekly for hitting or exceeding goals, or heck even a
    bit more for % of packages taken over "max" you'll see alot more
    folks not dropping to other routes.

    Here is a great example of Slacker hood:

    Reload at a nearby Station:
    The Handler is responsible for Genesis at the end of night. Normally doesn't clock out till 2hrs after the sort goes down
    When he is gone, the person(it varies) that fill in for him, clock out 30 minutes after sort.
    No short cuts, not rushing, both do the same exact job.

    Unfortunately Management just doesn't see this.
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    The answer most likely lies in what time code the person doing the GENESIS work is under. There is a certain amount of set aside time for GENESIS scanning (most stations have about 2 hours allocated to this).

    The time codes that are really looked are:

    On road time (the BIGGIE)

    Pre-post trip time (monitored, fixed amount allocated per Courier)

    Courier Clerical (total time monitored, fixed amount allocated per Courier - so total time spent in code should be constant)

    Package Handling (total hours monitored and statistic of scans per handling hour is monitored)

    The other time codes aren't as closely monitored. It has been awhile, but I do believe that there is a separate time code for GENESIS work...

    Most stations have a part-timer doing the imaging, and this person is traditionally scheduled 30 total hours a week. So their using 2 hours to do what may only take 30 minutes is no big issue for the station. It does seem counter-intuitive to think the stations are monitoring one type of time allocation very closely, and not paying any attention to another category of time codes - but it is the system that is Express.

    If Express were ever to REALLY get serious about monitoring time, they would cut the time allocated to GENESIS imaging. But since REVENUE is tied to the imaging, they don't want to screw around with that too much. Best just to pay someone for an additional hour or so a night, and get it done right.
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    That would be a bad idea. The former would lead to people doing all the stuff that's complained about here, such as releasing pkgs during a break, speeding, etc. The latter would lead to people having lates because they want the money for the additional pkgs.

    Luckily, some managers are coming down on this. I'm not saying that the regular guy should be expected to be as fast as his substitute (although he should) but he should be advised that he needs to show some improvement. There's no excuse for that crap and it's killing us. The worst part is that instead of making a few big gains by fixing (or getting rid of) the worst offenders, pressure gets put on everyone else to make up the difference. Those who are working efficiently and hustling don't have much room for improvement.
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    Why should anyone go out of their way for FedEx right now? Maybe everyone should just slow down in view of the impending October actions. As usual, you are advocating that everyone continue to be Purple. Why?
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    I would say this is one of the most frustrating parts of this company. Not only do the good workers not have room for improvement but they get dragged down by bailing out these slackers/incompetents. You can have a solid day with good numbers squashed by being send to bail out someone who just can not cut it or knows help is always coming.
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    code 22 if the manager allows.
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    Slow down more? Give it a shot. "You've been OLCC'd 3 times about your pronounced dropoff in productivity. Here's a performance reminder."

    "Here's another performance reminder. Your productivity has failed to improve."

    "Here's number 3. BUH BYE!"

    Sounds like a great plan that will work great considering how tight things are becoming.
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    59 Dano Some of my best friends are black.

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    There are lots of ways to get around the system if you are smart. Again, why do anything extra for a company that is either going to cut you loose or slash your hours in October? Do the minimum amount of work you can without getting in trouble. I used to be a 110% "7" employee...no more. There is no payoff for excelling at FedEx, except perhaps being assigned even more work because you're good.
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    Amazingly, most slackers stay around for along time. What allows them to survive is the excellent couriers who hustle, and management knows that they can count on a certain select group of couriers to get the job done and cover for the weak and/or lazy. So what is the payoff for being a star courier? More work, for the same or less pay.

    Just ask vantexan.
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    59 Dano Some of my best friends are black.

    By your own admission you said that you don't make that kind of effort to excel anymore. I guess that makes you a slacker.
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    It gets really tiring when it seems there is always someone who needs help..Whether it's "the slacker" you are referring to or it could be someone who doesn't know an area and is just thrown on it..or someone who is brand new and doesn't know anything. It just gets old..and I don't blame people for slowing down because it is true..the more you pick up the slack for others the more this company bleeds out of you..There are days (especially saturdays) I just wish I could work next to someone who knows where they're going, knows how many stops they can take and just gets out of the bldg without bit..ing about how much work they have.


    I used to be that guy, now I just take the minimum and head out, everyone else is on their own. I used to be the one that always got the call to go help or take equipment out or wait on the wrecker at a break down. Not anymore. All that effort was awarded with cut back hours.
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    No it doesn't. If you do the minimum it's still an honest days work and it doesn't mean you have to be Superman everyday like you think. Fred wants employees that will kill themselves out on the road to meet inflaterd goals and then when they get injured or sick from doing so he'll kick 'em to the curb. GET IT?
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    Like I said, I still make my numbers. What is goal for Shill anyway? 5 misinformed posts per day?
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    Hey, cut him some slack! Shills can get injured too. Maybe they OD on donuts and coffee, or perhaps they get a bad case of "Keyboard Finger" or carpal tunnel syndrome. Maybe they're pushing him to create 10 lying posts per day now. Plus, he has to run errands for MT3 and Dave.
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    MrFedEx, sometimes I believe you are just one unhappy person....I wish I could change you to becoming a Positive Employee, tell me how can I do this?
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    Why don't you quit? That would make me ecstatic.
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    Quit what? Fedex or this Forum? Believe me, I hear what you are saying. Trust me I do....