I want to work 20-22 hours a week...

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Lugo, Sep 27, 2010.

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    I am a full-time student and I have classes almost everyday at 6:00 PM. I work in Day shift: from 12:30 PM to 5:30 PM according to the shift hours. I started working at UPS today, I am on trial.
    You think I should tell the guy who train me about this? If I can work until 4:30 PM or at least 5:00 PM if a lot of work.. because I have to eat and shower before I go to classes. I know they don't care, but I am good worker. What if I am a very good worker and have many boxes ahead? ^_^

    I just want to know if this will have any affect because I am on trial . ;/
    20-22 hours a week would be good for me.
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    Showers are overrated just go to school right afterward. Also pack a cooler so you can eat on the way or in class. Sometimes you have to dig deep and do some stuff you don't want to do in order to get everything done. When you get home take a shower and eat a hot pocket or whatever you like it's just that easy.
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    Well, at least 5:00 PM, because I have to wait for my father to pick me up which takes about 10 min. And I want to eat something :D I'm taking my biology, so I need to eat because it's hard :D
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    Explain your situation to both your sups and your profs. I'm sure both will appreciate the effort you are putting into this.
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    OK thanks! I am a good worker, I guaranty they're going to be like " Wow, he's fast!" Since I will be a good worker, I hope to work 4 hours a day. 20-22 a week would be perfect because I am a full-time student and I am struggling in science.
    On Sunday I can do 5 hours or more if possible. Because I chose Day which I work from Sunday-Thursday. Friday and Saturday off is nice. Pretty sure I will never call to stay home. I always go to work. I rarely get sick since I got the flu shot now. I used to always get a flu >_<
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    Very well put.

    I suspect many UPSers with ten, twenty, and thirty years feel the same way!!!! :wink2:
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    "I am struggling in science."

    And apparently English as well.
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    You should've known this before choosing the shift you are on. Good luck, you don't even have seniority and you're trying to get off. Yeah I know it's for school but i've seen a person a couple years ago with 3 years seniority try to get a 20 minute stagger for school just one day a week and they couldn't get it. So they just took an occurrence pretty much once a week for that whole semester until they couldn't miss anymore without getting fired.
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    Sorry, but you failed. I usually get straight A's and B's for English. I can explain, it's just that I don't try my best to type proper. This is just a forum, not writing a book to be published soon.... so... . I wanted to ignore what you have posted, but I wanted to make you feel dumb at the same time. Because apparently, you're dumb because you don't know me.
    And clearly, that was an inappropriate comment which makes me feel bad. Good job, I hope some people in here realize what kind of a guy you are. I hope there are not people like you in UPS ....

    And again, I am sophomore in College over 40 credits and I am trying to become a nurse in the future. Despite of all the rude comments, I will move on and succeed.

    Good luck!

    PS: Rep Power 15965. You should have known better dude! Funny that a guy like you with over 15000 rep power just wrote something heartbreaking.

    Like, where are the mod at? I need to talk to one of them because so many rude people....
    Listen mod, you need to do something with these people. That's all I got to say.
    I am part of UPS and happy about it... just need to fix some things here. :)
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    This is just a forum ???? And I suppose your mother is just a mother??? We demand your best...be prepared to deliver it at all times !!
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    €^#£¥ €¥£€{€ @ ^€>¥*}|\. How is my inglish.
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    When people "Wah!", there tends to be a pile-on mentality.
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    What do expect when you go from a Ding dong to a tough guy...He has got a reputation to uphold...:happy-very:
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    ur english is some poor

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    If this forum makes you feel bad you won't last long in the UPS trenches. Your Supes won't handle you with kid gloves. And it's in spite of not despite of. :peaceful:
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    I hear McDonald's is hiring young students and will work with them on scheduling. Pay is better too. I would not waste your time at UPS. If you think they care about you one bit you are badly mistaken.
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    hope you're a better worker than student......what's a "guaranty"........is that some large fish that swims in the Amazon..........GUARANTEE, my friend.....and even that doesn't matter
  20. moreluck

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    guar·an·ty (g[​IMG]r[​IMG][​IMG]n-t[​IMG])
    n. pl. guar·an·ties 1. An agreement by which one person assumes the responsibility of assuring payment or fulfillment of another's debts or obligations.
    2. a. Something given as security for the execution, completion, or existence of something else.
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